Black Twitter

Let’s be very clear. Black Twitter is Twitter. Black Twitter is not some little niche of the popular social media platform, it is a driving force.  Mainstream publications now regularly create content based on what Black Twitter tweets.  “Plugging in” to Black Twitter on most days is as simple as clicking on the national and worldwide trending topic hashtags.  But if you’re interested in following some of the smart, funny, witty folks who make Twitter a space worth checking out, here’s a list of a few folks we love.


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  • Leo

    I tried to follow some of them before, but couldn’t tolerate their excessive whining and faux outrage. I found many of them to be too divisive and childish. Everyone seems to be ‘for the people’ until the right job comes along. No thanks, they’re not doing that much to advance the cause or our people.

  • solfresh

    More lists -_- …

    I follow Kid Fury and yea that’s about it. I know of everyone on this list except for one. A few I’ve tried to follow but gave up. I truly feel KF is who he says he is. He’s smart but doesn’t need to actually say it or prove it like I feel some people on this list do hence why I don’t follow them. I’m not sure why people keep publishing lists telling us to follow the same group of people, who know of/follow each other so they share similar views or tweet in similar styles.

  • Carmella

    What about black tumblr? :)