Celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton found himself on the receiving end Black Twitter’s ire on Monday after he compared Black women to Hitler.

The skirmish began when Hilton tweeted, “Inside every gay man is a fierce black woman!” (which lead to this clip of Pia Glenn’s awesome “Black Weekend Update.”)


After several users chimed in to tell the blogger they didn’t appreciate his “joke,” calling it “ignorant” and “dehumanizing” to Black women, things went awry.  Over the course of several tweets, Hilton went from trying to explain what he meant (apparently, giving Black women props) to asserting that he was “not sorry” for what he said. After being taken to task for several hours, Hilton then compared those who had the gall to call him out on lazy stereotyping of both Black women and gay men to the Nazi leader, because….who even knows.

Whether Hilton meant to defame Black women or not, I couldn’t help be amused his attempt to feign innocence and turn himself into some sort of a victim who was attacked by people who couldn’t take a joke. Oh, the irony!

As someone who has made his name on taking pot shots at celebrities, reporting rumors as if they were facts, and regularly using his giant following to harass others, his latest Twitter episode could be good ol’ karma in action.

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  • G

    I remember when Perez Hilton’s “headquarters” was located in a local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Hollywood!

    In recent years, he has become even more mean spirited, to the point I can’t read his blog any more! The insults and outing of gay people (those of which who may want to keep their lives private for whatever reason) is just too much.

    And now this! While I do think, he more than likely does feel he can relate better to Black women, that doesn’t give him, the right to insult those same Black women.

    We are the whipping boy of the world!

  • Ms Vee

    Let’s be clear on a few things:

    1) Homosexuals and black are two SEPARATE entities

    I’m sick and tired of this constant equating of being gay to being black. Its BS. I never hear them equating and/or comparing themselves to any other racial/ethnic group. Stop the foolishness.

    2) This goes to show that the view of black femininity is a joke/non existent when a man can compare his *inner woman* to that of a black one. Why do white and Asian women not apply?

    3) Perez Hilton your pathetic publicity stunt is exposed. You want to speak on Hitler then go to someone else. Piss off and leave black women alone. #saynotoattentionhoes

  • annieoo

    there is something sooo unlikable about that poor slob.
    His pathetic need for attention, his dlisted famewhoring…I really shouldn’t be posting this…I am trying to be a good Christian…there is something about Perez that just makes me want to punch him.

  • Perez Hilton wins asshole of the month award unanimously!

  • George Walker

    Perez Hilton is a faggot and can’t help himself. Who cares what he thinks or wants.