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Have you ever wondered what a male version of Clutch would be like, if it was “for black men, by black men”?  And we’re not talking a men’s website with just half-naked women, hip-hop and sneakers. The Ellison is a new online destination for black men, with topics covering news, sports, politics, grooming and of course, relationships. But not just dating, we’re talking marriage, fathering and interpersonal relationships.

The Ellison was started by a 14-year-old, yes you read correctly.

A few months ago, Jaden Callahan penned an op-ed piece about Jay-Z’s expensive Barney line.  Jaden, who’s in the 9th grade and the son of our editor Yesha Callahan, isn’t your typical teenager.  After his post went up, he asked his mother if there’s a site similar to Clutch for men.  Even though he did come across a few sites, most of them lacked any content outside of relationship talk. Again, he asked her and she told him, “If you can’t find something, then start something”.

And so he did.   The Ellison was appropriately named after Jaden’s favorite author, Ralph Ellison. Launched last week,  due in part to help from several of his mother’s colleagues and friends, The Ellison aims to be not only a destination for black men, but for teens as well.

As part of the site’s launch, The Ellison is also having a giveaway sponsored by Aio Wireless, so head over and enter to win some great swag!


We’re proud to have The Ellison as our “brother” site!


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