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For the last couple of days, NFL prospect Michael Sam’s “coming out” has been the talk of the internet and the airwaves.  Yesterday, Roland Martin discussed the significance of Sam’s revelation, but doesn’t feel he should be compared to Jackie Robinson.

“On Twitter last night I talked about Jackie Robinson and folks are always making the comparisons,” said Martin. “I’m very clear:  Jackie Robinson was the first black player. He came into the league when racism…you can’t even remotely compare it. Sam is potentially coming into the NFL with a support system, folks are backing it. You didn’t have any blacks in major league baseball, no front offices. They were cussin’, dogging, trying to kill Jackie Robinson from day one.”

Hughey Newsome, a panelist on yesterday’s show, agreed that there has been strides made in LGBT acceptance feels the NFL is ready for Mars, being an openly gay player.

But not everyone on the panel was in agreement. Steve Clemons doesn’t feel that everyone is ready, especially  middle America. “That problem still is out there in the Unites States, so I don’t want to minimize it,” said Clemons. “We’re further along but we’re further along in urban centers. We’re not further along out in middle America.”

Honestly, there are a lot people in “urban” centers who probably feel the same way as middle America.

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    As a black woman,I don’t want to see another black man stand before the world and announce how gay he is. I am thoroughly disgusted by it. The black family is struggling like hell and some of us are supporting this gay agenda totally oblivious to how it will impact us. Homosexuality is being marketed to our youth and we are cosigning to this madness. The young folks aren’t even given the chance to understand their own sexuality and manhood and womanhood because everywhere they turn homosexuality is being shoved in their faces. We don’t need homosexuality running rampant in our community. Point blank.

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    My bad, didn’t mean to post twice. Still getting used to the new format…