Single Ladies Manifesto

I, [STATE YOUR NAME], hereby promise to treat February 14th of every year as any other day–which means starting with calm focus, going about the day with positive energy and ending the day with reflection and gratitude.

I, [STATE YOUR NAME], know that my worth is never dependent upon my relationship status and that my worth is most certainly not tied to my social activities or receipt of gifts on February 14th, February 15th or any other day on the calendar.

I, [STATE YOUR NAME], hereby acknowledge myself as a flawed, but ever-evolving person. I shall not allow feelings of inadequacy to seep into my being as well-meaning, but misguided loved ones who pity my singledom, ply me with empty superlatives and probing questions. Nor will I allow negative thoughts to penetrate my mind when I see the myriad of bouquets, balloons and smiling couples. I shall handle both situations (and all others) with grace and tact.

I, [STATE YOUR NAME], am just fine.

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  • LemonNLime

    This is lame. If you need to recite something like this because of one faux holiday, you have bigger problems. By the way, for all the talk about treat 2/14 like any other day, there certainly are a lot of articles droning on and on about it.

  • It’s not that serious.

  • TSK

    No, being single on Valentine’s doesn’t have to be a death sentence. But this article is not lame nor is it stupid. People may need to read articles like this to help lift their spirits because they already feel down about being single on V day. And if you don’t, great. I don’t think that the writer is encouraging depression over being single, I think she’s just supporting and encouraging those who already may be feeling “some type of way” because they are.

    No one is suggesting that a woman should be concerned about it or that she should feel lonely. It’s just some statements of affirmation for those that do. Some of us should not be so critical, and understand that others may not be as happily single as we are.