Biggest Loser too skinny?

NBC’s the Biggest Loser is often called “weight loss porn” by its critics and fans alike. The show, which shows morbidly obese contestants struggling through grueling workouts to drop astonishing amounts of weight in a matter of days, is a ratings powerhouse for the network. But while many enjoy watching the show, the latest Biggest Loser champ is causing quite an uproar.

Last night, 24-year-old Rachel Frederickson claimed the Biggest Loser crown dropping a startling 155-pounds (nearly 60% of her body weight) in seven-months to reach her final weight of just 105-pounds.

Frederickson took home the $250,000 grand prize, securing her 15-minutes of fame. While celebrity trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels cheered for the former competitive swimmer as she debuted her svelte body, many viewers wondered if Frederickson was just too thin.

At the beginning of the show Frederickson said she’d packed on 100 extra pounds and could no longer recognize herself. But her dramatic transformation shocked many in the fitness community who questioned whether or not she was too skinny.

The Los Angeles Times reported on the reaction to Frederickson’s win:

Many viewers have taken to Twitter to express their fears that Frederickson has become too thin, and to call on the show and the network to address concerns that the weight loss was too extreme:

105 pounds? 60% loss? That’s not healthy, by any definition. Hard to celebrate that.@BiggestLoserNBC #BL15 #BLFinale— DietsInReview (@DietsInReview) February 5, 2014

#BLFinale so disappointed in Rachel. Just unbelievable how far she took her weight loss with so many young girls watching her every move.— Cari Steiner (@carijeanne) February 5, 2014

I feel like @nbc should issue a statement tomorrow w/r/t Rachel’s weight loss tomorrow. This is unhealthy and creepy. #blfinale— Christopher (@The_Vole) February 5, 2014

I don’t think I’ve ever been this uncomfortable watching the finale. Rachel just looks so sickly. She shouldn’t be able to win. #BLfinale— Bobby (@Elbobbo87) February 5, 2014

Though some were critical of Frederickson’s dramatic transformation, others argued that she was just a shrewd game player and can now put on a few  pounds to be healthier.

Whatever side of the debate you fall on, the latest Biggest Loser champion has once again ignited an interesting conversation about health and fitness.

What do you think of Frederickson’s dramatic weight loss? 

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  • La

    I guess I must be ‘big boned’ because on those rare occasions that my weight drops below 145lbs, I start getting asked if i’m sick – I guess if you have a small frame, yes, 105 is normal, but I would look like the walking dead.

  • BeanBean

    I’m 5’4 and 125 and people think I look hungry! I dont even want to imagine what I would look at 105! I’m all for people losing weight to be healthier, but I am totally against the idea of people losing weight for the sake of being skinny. Right now I’m trying to build strength and tone up, if I lose a little weight in the process oh well, but I’ve never said “I want to be a size -2 so I’m going to the gym.”

  • MissCrys

    Rachel honestly looked great before she left the ranch in my opinion…The number wasn’t what disturbed me because I’m sure 105 pounds works for someone, but not her. She appeared to have aged 10-15 years in the time between leaving the ranch and appearing on the finale. (she’s only 24) She honestly looked great before just before she left the ranch in my opinion.

    Anywho, I understand how being overweight for an extended period of time and finally getting healthy can go left into the territory of getting to a certain number or size, been there. I just hope that she gets victory on every front because she looked like her spirit and confidence left with that last chunk of weight.

  • Em

    105 at 5’4 isn’t too bad. It puts her at a slightly underweight BMI. For anyone saying she’s too thin, try to contrast it to being 5’4 and 150lbs. You’d be slightly overweight according to BMI charts but I don’t think most of us would describe that as being too big. Being a little outside the range isn’t so bad as long as you’re healthy.