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By now we’re all used to seeing the first pictures of celebrities’ babies on the covers of magazines. Publications like People and US Weekly pay hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars for exclusive rights to publish the first pics of Hollywood’s newest heirs. But Kevin Jonas of the recently disbanded Jonas Brothers group has taken the baby picture game to new levels.

The pop star live tweeted (up to a point) the birth of his daughter over the weekend using the hashtag #babyjonas. Additionally, he encouraged everyone to go to laundry detergent manufacturer Dreft’s Twitter account for official updates.  Dreft not only kept everyone up to date with the progress of the birth, but also tweeted the very first pic of Alena Rose Jonas who was born on Super Bowl Sunday.

Clearly, Dreft and Jonas partnered for some type of sponsorship situation. No details have been given about monetary or product compensation, but it does appear that this is the first celebrity baby to have exclusive picture rights via a company’s social media feed.

It’s possible that more celebrities and brands might go this route. This arrangement bypasses traditional media, so the celebrity doesn’t have to worry about the angle of any accompanying story and the brand gets immediate access and exposure to the celebrity’s social media fanbase.  In this case, Dreft has almost 24,000 Twitter followers Jonas has 4.2 million followers.

Do you think a sponsored live tweeted birth goes too far? Do you think other celebrities will try this?

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