What is being described as “groundbreaking”, “Swirlr” is a new dating reality series heading to a computer screen near you.  The show features singles who are opening themselves up to the “world” of interracial dating.

Take a look at the trailer:

“Swirlr” is hosted by Christelyn Karazin and Jordan Harbinger. Christelyn is co-author of the book“Swirling: How to Date, Mate And Relate – Mixing Race, Culture and Creed,” and Editor of the popular blog, BeyondBlackWhite.com. Jordan is a dating and body-language expert and co-founder of The Art of Charm.


Clutchettes, what do you think about “Swirl”? Will you watch?


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  • Carrie

    Interracial dating is obviously not a new trend, and no one needs “permission” from any “racial spokesperson,” aka Spike Lee on who to be friends with, date, or marry. I like to see mixed groups of friends and dating partners. Why? removal of misappropriated stereotypes that commonality exists in meaningful ways.I am a SWF- I’ve dated Indian men, and one Asian, and the rest “white.” I’ve not dated a black man because the opportunity has not presented itself. Most of the black men to try to get my number are either older, or they are younger and I have felt uncomfortable with the experiences. I do not think of men I’ve dated and list them some kind of “racial tally”. I can rightfully guess the clients for this service have expandable bank accounts, and financial means to be an acceptable dating client. I don’t have this financial background, so I probably wouldn’t be a client. My “networth” is on the inside.