A couple of weeks ago, as we were having dinner my son asked me what was a “thot”. A thought? Don’t you know what the word “thought” means? Is what I asked him. But no, that’s not the word he was talking about. So I did what any person not in the know would do. I searched for the answer on the internet.


Oh look, yet another word to demean women. I told him the definition. That. Ho. Over. There.

“Oh, so is it just women, or men too?” he asked.

In my son’s mind, the word would be universal. In the mind of the internet and pop culture, it’s just another word used to demean women. It’s like the words ho, slut, trick, and whatever other word you can muster up weren’t enough.

So what’s the origin of thot?

According to Complex, it’s alleged that the word originated around 2012 on a music video set in Chicago. Video director Duane Gaines recalls hearing the word when he was shooting a video for Chief Keef. “He said, ‘Show no love for a thot…’ I said, what the hell is a thot? I used to go around the GBE members, they used to say ‘thot’ and ‘thoinks’—thoinks is marijuana. The word was just catchy, ‘THOT.’ So I started using it.”

Thot’s interesting, that of course it would originate in hip-hop, because we all know how women fair so well in some artist’s songs.

As I explained to my son, the word is disgusting. I also told him if I ever heard him using it…well, that’s besides the point…but as the memes for the word keep popping up, you may laugh at them at first, but pause for a second and ask yourself, can’t women ever catch a break?

By the way, death to the word thot.

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  • Laura

    MimiLuvs, I’m gonna pick on 2 videos since they’re on 106 and Park, T Pain-Up Down and ScHoolboy Q- Man of the Year. The songs existed before the videos is a true statement but have you listened to the lyrics? Watch these videos and tell me they don’t degrade women. Yet these women continue to show up to these casting calls. Now picture these vidoes with only men in them. If that ever happened there would no longer be an audience for this crap. All I’m saying is as long as women continue to fill these roles terms like this won’t go away. All parents aren’t to blame unfortunately our kids are being raised by their peers more often than not.

    • Aria Wilson


      While I understand the jist of your concern….Your argument reminds me of when some White folk use the “If the Blacks would stop saying Nigg**, then it would just go away!”

      No. The term Nigg** did not orginate with Blacks saying it, was not perpetuated by Blacks when it was being used to demean us for 300 years…and will not simply “go away” if it never came out of another Black mouth again.

      If rap videos were banned tomorrow…you REALLY think that rappers would no longer refer to women as bitches, hoes, or thots? Although there may not be “an audience” for VIDEOS if all women decided not be in them…the RAP audience would most certainly go on as usual.

      I HIGHLY doubt they would say,

      “Well, we can’t make a video for these songs, so let’s change the lyrics, style and content of all of our music…replace the word “bitch” with “classy lady-friend” y’all!!!”

      Not gonna happen just b/c some women did not show up for a video.

    • Laura

      Point taken, I guess I feel like we have to start somewhere. lol @ classy lady-friend

    • Kam

      Women showing up to be in these videos does not excuse the misogyny any more that Blacks “coonin'” around in movies excuses racism. Someone not respecting themselves according to your standard doesn’t mean you get to automatically disrespect them. And it’s not like they’re only reserved for just the women in these videos. All you have to do apparently to be a “thot” is to do something that a man doesn’t like.

      I’m really tired of these double standards when it come to misogyny in the Black community. We can accept that it’s not appropriate that what Trayvon wore be used an excuse for his death, or “you look like a thug” to be an acceptable excuse for New York’s stop-and-frisk policy. But when it comes to Black women, all of a sudden there’s hemming and hawing and talk about the shortness of dresses, or the length of weaves.

  • geenababe

    This weekend I watch a Tribe Called Quest documentary about the group and their break up. Even though it did disturb me to see older, intelligent men use the n-word. I don’t think they ever use the words like the b word or other things toward women. I could be wrong but I don’t think they did.

    • Aria Wilson

      Yes, there were/are better than most! One of my favs!!

      Even though it was not one of their songs…they did produce Apache’s “Gangsta Bitch” , but as you stated, I don’t remember THEIR lyrics using that language.

  • Macfille

    Ugh. I ran across this word for the first time just yesterday, as a matter of fact. Didn’t know what it meant, but from the context of the site I found it on, I figured it couldn’t have been good. So sorry to find out I was right. :-(

  • Anthony

    This is a case where my vocabulary was not enriched by a new word.

  • Denver

    There’s always a new word to degrade Black girls and women. Not only that, but people will learn a new slang word to degrade girls and women before they learn regular vocabulary.