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  • I can’t wait the video but I bet this wasn’t funny like almost everything on SNL

  • The video was funny. But lets be clear this wasn’t about racism against black folks, this was about racism against black men. It only matters when a black men experiences racism, and everyone, even white people know it. And we all silently accept it. I know its satire, but lets take a look at the current paradigms we all subscribe to consciously and sub-consciously.

    • vintage3000

      @ BlkGrl–Word. And SNL’s two new Black female writers were most likely the ones who came up with this.

    • Ivory

      Yeah black men weren’t the only people to experience slavery.

  • Treece

    I thought it was kinda funny. Not really funny, but kinda. The way I saw it was like they were trying to satirize the idea that white people always question why we have to celebrate Black history every year and what the point of it is. They were just breaking it down simple: Slavery. That is enough of a reason in and of itself why America needs to celebrate Black history month. When the white student was about to give his “rebuttal rap” the teacher basically told him to shut up and sit down because there is no rebuttal. Slavery and everything that surrounds it, or resulted from it in history is a reason to appreciate blacks in America. Not that it’s the ONLY reason (because I know it’s not). But it’s enough of a reason why white people need to have a seat when we want to recognize black history and culture (which really should happen all year).

    • BMW

      Exactly!! I felt the same way. You always will hear that one random person asks why do “blacks” get a month (although, I feel we should be celebrated every month!). The sketch made it pretty clear, we don’t really need to give you a list of all the reasons because simply put slavery makes it clear, every.single.day!

  • Keepingitreal

    Look up Islamic culture on Wikipedia.