According to  at Variety there are two things happening at the box office that may shock you.

Stewart says Kevin Hart is “finally” blowing up. Let’s just forget the fact that he’s been working on his comedy and movie career for quite sometime, whether you like him or not. And Hart’s success is in fact due to the popularity of “urban targeted” movies like 12 Years A Slave.

And I quote from variety:

In less than two months, Hart has become one of the industry’s sturdiest B.O. players with two major narrative feature hits: Universal’s “Ride Along,” which became this year’s first $100 million-plus grosser and now “About Last Night,” which topped Friday’s box office with $12.9 million, kick-starting a solid $28.5 million four-day run.

Earlier in his career, Hart had memorable supporting roles in such films as “The Five-Year Engagement” and “Think Like a Man.”

Hart’s seemingly overnight hit status also is due, in part, to the recent success of urban-targeted films in general, including “The Best Man Holiday” and “12 Years a Slave,” both of which were released late last year.

Puzzle me confused, but since when is a historical movie “urban-targeted”.  First, Stewart probably should realize the 12 Years was a limited release movie, and therefore wasn’t exactly in the same demographics as any Hart movie.  But I guess since the movie took place on a plantation and had more than two black cast members, then it’s automatically “urban-targeted”. Which is of course code-word for black.

In any event, Stewart can redeem himself by sitting through all of the Madea movies.


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