Anita Hill, the woman who accused Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment, said that as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Vice President Joe Biden did a “terrible job” overseeing Thomas’ confirmation hearings in 1991.

During an interview on HuffPost Live, Hill stated that Biden didn’t call witnesses and experts to testify who could have shed light on the sexual harassment claims that were being made about Thomas.

“I think he did two things that were a disservice to me, that were a disservice more importantly to the public,” Hill said. “There were three women who were ready and waiting and and subpoenaed to be giving testimony about similar behavior that they had experienced or witnessed. He failed to call them.”

Watch the interview via HuffPost Live:

It’s been 22 years, since Hill bravely took the stand and described the harassment she received at the hands of Thomas. From the pubic hairs left on Coke cans, to recalling the name of his penis, Hill’s life was turned upside down. Throughout the hearings, it became clear, that Hill was the one actually being persecuted, not the accuser.

In the newly released “Anita” documentary, Hill courageously speaks openly and intimately for the first time about her experiences that led her to testify before the Senate and the obstacles she faced in simply telling the truth. She also candidly discusses what happened to her life and work in the 22 years since.

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  • Me

    i was a little girl when i saw this on the news & i remember thinking back then what i would do in her situation b/c this & a lot of other things i was seeing on the news was literally scaring me outta wanting to grow up. it had got to the point that in elementary school i decided i only wanted to live until i was 13/14 (not suicidal, just hoping i didn’t have to make it to high school cuz that seemed to be where everything started going south for bw based on the news). i feel like she’s the reason i stay suspicious of my male coworkers & keep my distance sometimes with male bosses. i don’t want no man mistaking me being nice for me being a toy. even when i dress nice for work, in the back of my head i keep thinking “nobody better get any stupid ideas cuz i dare somebody to mess with my confidence today… this outfit is all about me & NOBODY else!” i just wish those other women fought alonside her when they saw shit being thrown at her. oh & that wife? she was the 1st woman i learned to hate for real. even in my little mind i knew she was doing the most just to “keep a good (on paper… well just that pitiful paper he writing on, cuz he suck on all these other papers his name is on) man”. sorry if my thoughts got a little random but so much goes thru my head when i hear her name

  • Jay

    I’m reading this book about Black women and the struggles we face with the duality of our identities. We are both Women and Black, Black and Women and yet the Black Community asserts that a lot of Black Women only acknowledge the racism that is faced not the sexism. So, if you have a Black Woman who is sexually harassed by her Black male supervisor then she might keep quiet about the harassment because he is an important Black man in the community. He may be a leader against racism and a “shining example” to young men and boys therefore it is more important to keep quiet because the racism that your community faces is far more important than the sexism you are facing. People might disown you and harass you if you speak. BUT I am sooo glad that Anita Hill showed Black Women that it is important to stand up for both parts of us no matter the obstacles.

    • Primmest Plum

      Is the book Sister Citizen by Melissa Harris-Perry? I’m reading it as well. It’s a good read. :)

  • Primmest Plum

    For anyone who is interested the screening for the documentary Anita in your area here is a link to the locations they are showing: