Not everyone is jumping on  Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In Foundation and its PSA campaign to ban the word “bossy,” as it’s frequently used to describe and diminish ambitious women, even if Beyonce is a part of it.

The legendary bell hooks is giving women some advice when it comes to the “bossy”.  hooks’ #bossyandproud campaign is letting women know it’s alright to stand up for yourself and to rid yourself of respectability politics.

Check out some of the noteworthy tweets involving hooks’ #bossyandproud:

Clutchettes, why are you #bossyandproud?

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  • I’m honestly conflicted. I don’t think the #banbossy movement is about getting women and young girls to change how strong willed and ambitious they are. I think it’s an attempt to ban bossy as a label to define us. I also appreciate the #bossyandproud movement because it’s more focused on us embracing who we are. I think both movements have a great focus: supporting ladies in fiercely being who they are.

  • tdotroks

    I understand the #banbossy movement to mean, instead of using this label to downplay me.. recognize that I’m a boss!

    Seems to me that both campaigns are working toward the same end. Why not just support it instead of creating this arbitrary division?

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