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When I travel, I take lots of pictures. Sometimes I pose in them, and sometimes I won’t, depending on who’s available to be my photographer. And now that my future vacations are in the post-smart phone era, I’ll gladly share my adventures via Facebook and Instagram because…well…that’s what we do now.

It’s not a new phenomenon. Even celebrities engage in this normal behavior.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z visited the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam to pay tribute last week while Bey was on concert tour, and again like most tourists, she took photos. Bey later uploaded the pictures to Instagram, and oddly it appears, many weren’t pleased.

After Huff Post wrote a story about the visit, folks took to their keyboards to tap out their disdain. Many were along the line of:

“How does anyone have the audacity to “pose” in front of those pictures of a young girl who died? Has Beyoncé ever read Anne’s diary? I walked through that house, the annex, as if it was a church. So much smaller than I imagined, so much scarier, so amazing that they lived in this space. All the while, I remembered the diary — not the movies — but her fears, hopes, dreams, loves, humor.. Nobody said a word in any part of the experience. And then I went out into the air and I breathed. And I cried.”

Another reply read:

“And yet, it seems like they made it about themselves.”

And then there was this:

“Wow I concur with many of you on the statements.

But yet have yet to see Beyoncé and Jay-Z take any pictures at any of these places.

1. MLK memorial in ATL

2. MLK assassination museum at the Lorraine Motel in Tennessee

3. Little Rock 9 exhibit in Arkansas

4. Any Civil Rights museum

5. 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Ala.

and the list goes on.”

And the Beyhive shall swarm in 5..4..3…

But in the meantime, someone might want to point out there are plenty of pictures circulating social media of us standing in front of the MLK Memorial in DC.

And I’m not so convinced that Bey is emitting a “Look at me!” vibe. In one photo, Bey stands off to the far side of a picture and its accompanying caption while in another, she sits below the photographs. She doesn’t block the exhibit; she doesn’t even smile. Her poses appear to match the mood of the museum: solemn.

And let’s not overlook the fact that the museum staff uploaded its own photo of Beyoncé to Facebook.


From Anne Frank Museum FB page

But you tell us, Clutchettes. Do you find taking photos at certain landmarks or historical sites offensive or inappropriate? Do you think this was a photo opp?

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