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Avery Coffey describes himself as a “determined” student, and if the universities vying for his attention are any indication, he’s right.

While many students are crossing their fingers and hoping to get into their school of choice, Coffey, a 17-year-old Washington D.C. native, has his pick of five of the top schools in the nation.

Harvard, Princeton, Yale, the University of Pennsylvania, and Brown are all hoping Coffey will choose to continue his education on their storied campus, but he hasn’t made up his mind just yet.

Coffey attends Benjamin Banneker Academic High School, one of the most rigorous schools in the city, which boasts a 100-percent college acceptance rate. The school has strict rules—students can’t use cell phones or lockers while on campus—and maintains high standards for its students.

Coffey grew up in a single-parent home in one of D.C.’s poorest neighborhoods and credits his mother for keeping him on the straight and narrow. In addition to carrying a 4.3 GPA (and winning a surprise scholarship to George Washington University worth over $200,000), the teen enjoys playing basketball, baseball, soccer, and tennis.

Despite facing daunting odds, Coffey believes you can accomplish anything in life if you put your mind to it.

“You can go anywhere you want to, pursue any career that you want to, and you shouldn’t let anybody hinder you from trying to reach your goals.”

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  • Why the hell did this turn into a bash African Americans thing. The boy did a good job. He will go on to a successful life. All this other stuff about this is the norm for me and not the norm for other. Should have been left out of this post.

  • Me

    if getting accepted to 5 of the most discriminating universities ain’t unusual, then i wonder what folks like toni or eve think is excellence. i wonder what anybody who is quick to throw out “that’s what you’re supposed to do” or “that doesn’t make you special” or “why are we celebrating when the standard is so low” believes is a genuine accomplishment. cuz i know i hear all cultures talk about getting into ivies like it IS a big deal. not just black folks. all cultures talk about grad school and high SAT scores and high GPAs and the buzzword jobs (doctor, engineer, lawyer, etc) like they are big deals because not everybody goes that far in life–MOST people across the board don’t and that’s a fact. so if it’s not ok for it to be a big deal to black folks then what is. please let me know.

  • eve-audrey

    @me and nirvana
    Really please read all my comments starting with the first one before answering to me it would help.

    I said that what the boy’s doing was NOT common not even amongst whites nor asians. That’s why i answered to toni’s comment.

    Then i disagreed with ivory’s feeling that toni was attacking the boy’s gender because in her first comment she refered to the black community. Last time i checked it’s comprised of boys AND girls.

    by the way it’s also comprised of people who do not necessarily share your opinions. Learn to accept it. You are going after every comment from every person who dares criticizing black men. Like i said, they are not a category of protected human beings whose egos should be protected at all costs. I stand by that comment. i hope to live long enough to see the black community (and i’m refering to the diaspora) rising to the top again. For me that means holding every one accountable for their actions. I do not consider anyone to be above criticism to each their secrets for success.

    This is a site for black women. I am a black woman and i feel entitled to express all my opinions on a space dedicated to me. Grow up.

    • Nirvana

      “this isn’t even worthy of discussion amongst other races when it comes to their men. they find it obvious.”

      That was your in-context comment, verbatim. There is nothing obvious about a rarity, unless you attribute achievement to those races. Which makes you an anti-Black supremacist.

      “Then i disagreed with ivory’s feeling that toni was attacking the boy’s gender because in her first comment she refered to the black community.”

      Me’s comment contends that if this was a girl, Toni would never have made that comment in the first place. Apples & oranges. Reading comprehension.

      No one is barring you from critical assessment. What I’m doing here is calling out your lies, your delusions of grandeur, and your conflation of topics with personal baggage (see: “What’s obvious in other communities is never going to jail, having a job and raising your kids”).

  • eve-audrey

    What’s obvious in other communities is never going to jail, having a job and raising your kids. what’s not is having the choice between 5 ivy league universities.


    • Nirvana

      Lol. I may have called out your baggage on that Dencia thread, but your piss poor cognitive abilities keep digging your hole deeper. Keep going..

  • eve-audrey

    I’m starting to believe you are dense. I actually don’t know if you’re a man or a woman but it does not matter.

    you know english is not my mother tongue but a foreign language i am trying to become fluent in. So i know i have to be careful when i express myself to be understood, specially by native english speakers. But i also know when someone is pretending to not get what i say. I’ve actually been arguing with white native english speakers who tried to make me tired just like you do now. Funnily enough they did not guess i was one of them lol

    For a reason i can’t understand every criticism of black men makes you butt hurt and you make it a point to let it known. That’s your right. Like i said i’m learning english and i’d like to learn another way than arguing with you on whether not worshipping the opposite gender makes me an “anti-black supremacist” or a “card carrier of the white supremacy clan” or not.

    At the very beginning i found you aggressive for nothing now i just find you funny. Not kidding. The world is big. You can sit behind your computer and argue with a few black women who openly do not
    Subscribe to your view and think you’re winning the argument but there are more living in outside world who don’t care about what you have to say. It would be wiser to listen instead of attacking but i guess it is too much to ask you.

    There were no lies in my comments and i’m glad you recognized my right to express my opinions. Because i’ll go on whenever i feel like it and i don’t give a damn about you “calling” me on what i say. You are not the censor police. I won’t answer to you anymore. if you ever get tired of coming for me you’ll stop. Otherwise i’ll go on laughing about you calling me a white supremacist. Lol