Buncombe County School district in North Carolina has apparently had a change of heart when it comes to a 9-year-old and his My Little Pony backpack. Last week, Grayson Bruce was told by the school that his backpack triggered bullying and told him not to bring it to school any more.  Grayson’s mother was not only disappointed with the decision, but said the school was enabling bullying.

”Saying a lunchbox is a trigger for bullying, is like saying a short skirt is a trigger for rape. It’s flawed logic, it doesn’t make any sense,” Noreen told a news station.

On Thursday, school officials met with Grayson’s parents and posted an apology on the  school district’s Facebook.

We sincerely regret that the issue of being told to leave the bookbag at home was perceived as blaming Grayson. While that was not the intent, the perception became reality. We support Grayson bringing the bookbag to school.

Grayson has not attended school since March 10, and his motherr is looking into options that not only include him returning to the school, but also transferring to a different school district.

“He’s interested in making a fresh start and making new friends,” she said.


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  • Me

    he ain’t been to school in 10 days? really? that’s ok now?

    • Tatum

      She started homeschooling him. So, I don’t think he fell behind or anything.

  • J

    I get where the school is coming from, but of course they aren’t legally allowed to say that. He has a right to wear his pony backpack and the bullies should get in trouble, but they think its easier to get rid of the distraction. His mother should realize pulling him out of school is not going to change anything. The kids at the next school will react the same way. I don’t have kids but I would probably tell my kid to leave his ponies at home or I wouldn’t have bought the backpack in the first place.

  • Ms. Me

    These parents have gone crazy! I mean the school was just trying to look out for the child’s emotional and social well-being! Being the teacher that I am, I wouldve told that little boy the same thing. No apologies
    about it. Why won’t he wear it at a school where more boys where purses than not? #soannoyed

    • No, it’s not okay what the school suggested. The bag was not in violation with any dress code, so the boy had a right to buy and bring whatever bag he wanted. The school however has an obligation to protect all students and correct bad behavior. The bullying was the bad behavior. That’s what the school needed to fix, and not this boy’s choice for a bag. Being the teacher that you are, it would have been great if you would teach your students about all the different people that exist on this planet, and all the different choices that they make. And that making those different choices is perfectly okay. It would have been nice if you would have said to that little boy that there is nothing wrong with his blue my pony bag, that society’s narrow and skewed views of what is acceptable male and female behavior are unfair and wrong.

  • your logic sucks

    Telling the kid not to wear his backpack so he wont get bullied is ridiculous! Any teacher who thinks victim blaming is better than teaching a lesson to the bully should reconsider their career choice. Every person has a right to be who they are. Shouldn’t we be teaching children to be confident in themselves, as well as being tolerant of others? My little pony back pack could very easily be substituted with ” distracting Afro hair.” I wish somebody would insinuate that my child hide, or change who they are for the comfort of others.

    • Felicia

      Yes! Thank you for saying this. Why should the child be punished for what he likes. The bullies should have been addressed. This is a perfect teaching moment but instead, the child was told to not bring his bookbag. I would like to see what would have happened if a little girl brought a Ninja Turtles or a G.I. Joe bookbag to school. I just can’t stand this. Can this child just like what he likes? I mean, damn, can he live?

  • African Woman

    Good for the child. Besides, aren’t we free to be who we want to be. I’m so sick of these schools making up these pathetic policies and rules. Please go somewhere and never come back. Damn!!!