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  • Fifi-Gongon

    I tend to find Gabrielle Union more and more conceited. She has that you-wish-you-were-me vibe, when clearly no one cares. So what’s the next step, hair tutorials on Youtube ?

  • Mel

    Among religious observances, women around the world have covered their hair as a way to conceal something precious and personal about themselves. For that very reason I believe some celebrities enjoy showing their hair on social media as a way to share something intimate with their fans. Something that fans do appreciate and are not always privy to.

  • Nic

    So why are we supposed to be impressed by 5 strands of flat-ironed hair in a ponytail? And what is so subversive/controversial about seeing permed or flatironed hair minus the weaves that they use to give them length or as we see here, body and thickness.
    It’s weird that these women who spend so much time in fake hair feel the need to show us their hair right before the weave goes back in.
    Since I have real hair, I know what real hair looks like, so I find these pictures to be weird. Do they think that they need to show that they have “natural” hair to remain popular? And while I have no problem with hair that is straightened or relaxed, it’s odd how many BW who don’t have naturally straight hair want to pretend that they do (some BW do, but we kind of know which ones those are, and the rest of these girls just have flat-ironed, relaxed, or heat damaged hair judging by the thinness of some of the strands).
    Also, we saw the Mowery’s growing up natural and didn’t see them straighten their hair until they were adults. Ditto with Keisha Knight Pulliam.
    There are BW in Hollywood who have had natural hair for ages…T’Keyah Crystal Keyman, Tempestt Bledsoe, Kim Wayans, Vanessa Williams, Yaya DaCosta, Tracie Toms…and they all have really nice hair and were doing it way before it became a “trend” again.