On a recent episode of The Doctors, actress Countess Vaughn shared her lace front wig horror story. As an actress, Vaughn stated that she was used to changing up her styles, and when her stylist introduced her to lace fronts in 2004, she thought she found something that would allow her to look natural.

But the wigs weren’t all that they cracked up to be. After wearing them 24/7, five years later, Vaughn noticed puss around her hairline and ear areas. But it took her six months to seek treatment. Finally, she was told that she was having a reaction to the glue used for with wigs. Eventually Vaughn’s hair started to fall out.

Check out the video clip below:

Vaughn says she’s still dealing with skin discoloration and people assume she suffers from vitiligo.

“I use makeup to cover up, especially the skin under my eyes. Skin came off of my ears. I draw in my hairline with an eye pencil. I had to go through this to teach my little one, ‘you have to love yourself before anyone else will'”.

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  • I don’t understand the logic behind gluing hair. If you would not put gum in your hair, then why would you put glue in your hair? Adhesives don’t belong anywhere near your head.

    The real issue is that by being unahppy with herself, she used products that did her more harm than good. Damn the industry that tells women that they aren’t good enough without adding this or removing that. This is so sad.

  • Yas

    The lace will pull off your hairline. Glue or no glue. I can’t believe women are still debating this. I don’t care what anyone says to counter that fact–is the lace rough? Is it porous? Is it fibrous? If so, it’s going to whack your hair off. You wouldn’t put a Brillo pad on your hair, so why put it on the edges of your hair? I don’t understand the logic in the argument for lace fronts–did anyone see Naomi? If she’s rocking thousand dollar wigs and pays elite stylists to maintain her look–why and the hell wouldn’t you think this can’t happen to you? Ladies, please realize that once the follicles are ripped out–they don’t come back. Traction alopecia is real. Hair only grows back where the follicle remains.

    Quite a few of the celebrities that we look up to are just as bald as Naomi from years of too tight and glued in weaves and weaves. Look around you. There are too many ladies out here rocking balding edges! Don’t you know that the lace wig is the problem? It’s the lace WIGS, the bands on the caps, the knitted and wollen hats, the epoxy-like gels and creams, and the tight ass braids on the edges! If you don’t want to be bald around the edges or elsewhere, stop doing the stuff that rips your hair clear off– and sew some satin lining (or at least some satin trim) into your wigs and hats. Keep your wigs simple and wear a satin dome cap underneath; never braid your edges and if you must wear a lace front, never wear one without a barrier between the lace and your hair line. Simple as that.

  • Commonsense

    Wow, I never liked wigs and cannot understand why they are all the rage, they look so fake!!!!!! None of them look natural.

  • nnen

    Despite her poor decision to suffer in silence for months, I respect her for her bravery in coming out to show the world the damage to her skin and hair. We’re very quick to judge her aren’t we?

  • Me

    It took her 6 months AFTER her head became pus oozing to seek treatment? She is certainly the definition of dumb she-boon