Not a day goes by without me accessing my Google Drive account, but apparently there’s some phishing going on that people need to be aware of.  Sunnyvale, Calif.-based security firm Symantec discovered a Google Drive phishing attempt and reported the incident on its blog.

According to Symantec, users receive an email “Documents,” and encourages users to click on an included link to check out an important message on Google Drive.

This link leads to a login page hosted on a bona fide Google URL, complete with secure sockets layer (SSL) authentication. But as you’re logging in to the fake site, you’re giving away your login information to the hackers.  Now they have access to your Google Drive documents, private email and, and also your payment information for Google Play and Google Wallet!

A word of advice is to check the contents of the email you receive before clicking any links. Also you may want to consider implementing two-step authentication for your Google account.



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