A Georgia man was arrested Tuesday after allegedly assaulting a teenage boy he found showering with his stepdaughter.

Clinton Antonio Ward, 49, told Athens-Clarke County Police he caught his stepdaughter and her friend, both 16, coming out of the bathroom in their home. According to the police report, Ward said he came home and heard his stepdaughter talking to someone in the bathroom, but thought she was on the phone. When he heard a male voice, Ward decided to sit on the couch and wait for the pair to emerge.

Law enforcement officials say Ward began yelling expletives at the teens when they exited the bathroom. The young man, who was naked, tried to grab his clothes, but Ward allegedly pushed him against the wall and punched him in the face and chest. Reportedly, Ward’s stepdaughter also sustained injuries  from being struck in the face.

After assaulting the teens, Ward left the room and called the police.

The teenage boy’s mother pressed charges against Ward for attacking her son. He was arrested and charged with battery and cruelty to children for hitting the teen and allowing his stepdaughter to witness the beating.

Ward’s story echoes a recent incident that ended in the death of a teen. Earlier this month, a Houston man fatally shot 17-year-old Johran McCormick after catching him in bed with his daughter who initially lied and said the boy was an intruder.

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  • Nancy Karen Davis Brian

    Most men would beat a boy showering with their daughter.

  • arifnkhan

    A lot has been said here for and
    against what happened and what the people involved did. But I think most will
    agree that what the kids were up to was not right, and the way the father
    reacted as the situation developed was quite natural. The only ones who did not
    conduct themselves rationally in this case were the police. Perhaps they do not
    understand what battery and cruelty mean.

    There should be laws that prevent
    the police from arresting people at will and there should be prescribed
    procedures to follow before the police can make an arrest. In such cases the
    police should be proscribed from making an arrest or even taking into custody
    or curtailing the liberty of a person. The law should make it mandatory for
    them to put up the case before a court of law and to obtain a warrant of arrest
    from the court if the court deems the the grounds for it are valid. Only then
    should they be given the authority to make the arrest.

    This is not a murder case or a
    case of a gunman going berserk in the marketplace. It is just a father reacting
    to an outrage committed in his own house by kids known to him and one dear to
    him. And he has acted fair: he hit both, the boy and his own daughter.

    If anyone, it is the police who
    should be locked up till they understand the implications of this case.

    • Big Red

      he is not her father, he is her step father. he has no rights on her. She is no kin to him but by marriage.

  • Big Red

    need to put step father under then pen and throw away the key. He looks like a petophile to me. I bet he wanted to have sex with her is why he attacked the boyfriend.