A Texas teen was fatally shot early Thursday morning after he was found hiding in a teen girl’s bedroom.

According to Harris County deputies, the tragic incident began after one of the homeowner’s younger children spotted Johran McCormick’s feet sticking out from underneath his sister’s bed and informed his father. The father then grabbed his gun and went to his 16-year-old daughter’s bedroom to confront the teen.

The man reportedly called 911, but got into an argument with McCormick after his daughter claimed she did not know who he was. The man told officers he shot the young man when he suddenly moved his hands.

McCormick, who was unarmed, died at the scene. Police later learned that the daughter lied to her father about not knowing the young man and snuck him into her bedroom earlier in the evening.

The father suffered a panic attack after the shooting and was taken to a nearby hospital.

Police officials are still investigating, and the case will be referred to a grand jury to determine whether or not the father will be charged in McCormick’s death.

The disastrous incident has prompted many to wonder if the teen girl should be held responsible for McCormick’s death, considering her lie may have led to his demise.

What do you think? Should the teen girl share the blame for the young man’s death? Sound off! 

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  • Sunshine 91

    Now I remember why I hate coming to this site. Too many illogical feminists on here.

    • Courtney**

      Don’t let the door hit you on your way out :-D

  • Ms Vee

    I’m so conflicted here. Look at it from the father’s perspective. Had that innocent boy actually be an intruder what could have happened? Intruders are known for theft, rapes and murders. The father was doing what he thought would protect his daughter and himself. Therefore I don’t believe he should be charged. Nonetheless that boy did not deserve to die. That girl ruined many lives and should definitely receive some punishment. I just don’t know what that punishment should be. Guilt alone will eat her up inside.

    • Anthony

      Guilt will only eat her up if she s fundamentally decent. There are people who lie on folks and let them rot in jail or death row while they go with lives.

      I hope that is not the case with this girl.

      Sorry, I accidentally gave you a thumbs down.

  • Monica

    It seems as though the father acted very intentionally. He had the state of mind to grab his gun first. Then to confront the teens and ask if she knows the boy. There’s a few scenarios I imagine.
    1) if the dad had the gun pointing now both teens see the gun and the girl sees the consequences of denying the boy.
    2) the weapon was concealed and the girl lied and when the boy moved the father shot his gun in a quick gesture.

    Either way, I feel conflicted. Although I can understand the fathers point of view, plenty of people go through these sorts of things without someone dying in the process. So there’s a possibility that he was rash, but I don’t really blame him. If that girl saw the gun I would hope she would understand the consequences of lying, but there’s also the chance she wasn’t thinking clearly.

    Nobody wins here. A family is out of a son, a girl is (somewhat) responsible for a death (and classmates will blame her) and a father took someone else’s child. Hopefully everyone has the sense to mourn their losses and not place blame. One child is already lost, why bring down another?

  • My thoughts

    Should he be committed of a crime? I think this adult is partly to blame so is his daughter who told a fatal lie.

    However, I think the bigger problem here is that we are evolving into humans that do not know how to deal with issues without introducing violence and guns. This is a teenager! Why must the first reaction be to shoot to kill. Aren’t people taught to shoot at someone’s feet or a body part that doesn’t fatally end their lives bur rather slows them down physically.

    We can not have adults acting as irrational and erratic as children. This is just sad.

    • However, I think the bigger problem here is that we are evolving into humans that do not know how to deal with issues without introducing violence and guns

      I agree