Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 5.41.42 PMThe First Lady stays busy. While still in Beijing, she takes a few minutes to >answer travel questions on a CNN iReport as well as to promote travel to the younger generation.

Before sharing her first overseas experience, which was a sophomore trip to Paris, Mrs. Obama advises first-timers to be open, erase all preconceived notions of the country they’re entering, and shake the fear. Her only fear was asking her father to pay for such an extravagance, but he happily funded her trip.

“He wanted me to have all of the experiences that he didn’t have,” she says, which is something she and the President want for their girls.

She finishes the segment with advice to an elementary class.

“When you find the opportunity, take it, okay? That’s going to make you just, better people, smarter people, and it’s a lot of fun too.”

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