f1a3d53d79c65860adf304a74c854073Victoria Rowell went on a Twitter rant earlier this week criticizing Young and the Restless for not having enough African-Americans working behind the scenes. Rowell played Drucilla Winters on the show.

Oddly, Rowell tweeted for several hours although she hasn’t been on the show for seven years now. She says she left because of pesky office politics, or in this case behind-the-camera politics, that prevented her from being nominated for a Daytime Emmy. Perhaps that, coupled with the soap’s 41st anniversary, had something to do with her rant.

Welp, there goes her shot for a possible return.


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  • Lynette

    Victoria Rowell has been ranting about Y&R ever since she left the show. It’s hard to take her seriously any more.

  • ClassyGlobal

    I dont take anything brown folks complain about seriously because collectively on a grand scale do much to change the cause for complaint. Apparently brown folk enjoy the dismissive nature of everything whitewashed if they continue to watch, eat and buy things that have no interest in them. Yall will KEEP watching YnR. YnR doesn’t have to change a single thing they are getting the ratings they need with or without brown folks, Having brown folks is probably just a bonus for them….

    • Meme

      And apparently you like using sweeping generalizations to mask your own biased opinions. Kudos!

  • Meme

    YNR is realllly boring now. She should be glad she’s no longer associated with it because its on the decline. I personally boycotted until they bring the more interesting characters back-Adam Newman, Phyllis and the old Billy Abott.

    Whether what she says is true or not…the show hasn’t been worth very much since she left.

    • Lynette

      Y&R didn’t want to give Billy Miller the money he wanted. The actor who played Adam Newman was let go b/c he sexually harassed another actress on the cast. Not exactly sure why Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) left the show.

  • Noirluv45

    Whites will always look out for themselves. Maybe I should say more like, Jews will always look out for themselves.

    They have a well-oiled system that is underground. That’s how White supremacy works.

    Funny how the Kobe Bryant’s of the world won’t talk about that.