A New York City shock-performance “artist” recently got a lesson in “Black Face Isn’t Ok 101”. Rush Aaron Hicks is a frequent performer at  the Slipper Room in New York City. His show typically mixes body modification, burlesque and extreme tricks like swallowing swords.  Over the weekend, Hicks decided to take his show one step further and don black face.

An anonymous tipster gave Jezebel a hat-tip about Hicks’ show:

Friday night show at the Slipper Room — was a mixture of burlesque and variety acts. There was striptease, a juggling/hula hooping act, and a magician. […] [Hicks has] never performed in blackface before to my knowledge. He has a condition that makes his skin flexible and his bones loose in their sockets, so he performs physical feats that creep people out. He was called upon last minute by the producer and so showed up to the venue with no costume, which is why he apparently made the last minute decision to go on in black face.

When Hicks got wind that his performance was being talked about, he took it to Facebook to set the record straight:

Yes I did black face…. Yes I did it at random. No I am not racist (slept with two black girls this year) Yes any burlesque performer who thinks I am racist is racist because they have done a Geisha act. Also I have been told that black people were offended and I was with the only two real black people in the room (mixed races exclude) and they were not. Here is the bottom line, don’t take yourself too serious and fuck white guilt. If you have never felt oppression don’t speak against it. I have worked with at risk youth for years and maybe instead of lashing out in a slackactivist way go volunteer. If you are black and reading this, as many of you there are please feel free to express your discomfort. I don’t any of you will.
Yours madly,
The clown.

So, he slept with two black women this year and that makes him not racist. The only two black people at the show, were his two black friends. So that makes him not racist.  Maybe Hicks should have consulted with the two black women he slept with, or his two black friends before deciding to paint his face black.

Since  the Facebook post wasn’t enough, Hicks also decided to post a video response. In the video, he goes into details as to how he made the decision to wear black face, instead of his normal white face paint:

In short, Hicks pretty much   “apologized” for people FEELING offended by something that is universally offensive and horribly racist.  Oh, he also wanted to remind people he had black friends.

Boy, bye.

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  • ALM

    Who is he to determine who “real Black people” are?

    Why are there African American people in the U.S. who still people that people are doing blackface on accident?

    Why are those same African Americans ready to slap another African American over $5, yet they allow other races to get away with anything?

    Why is he keeping count of the number of Black women he sleeps with each year?

    Who is he to tell African Americans what to speak against?

    How can he begin to tell African Americans to be quiet because they haven’t been directly oppressed, when Jewish people receive checks from the Holocaust, but the slaves received not ONE DIME of reparations?

    Why doesn’t he realize that even in his explanation he is invoking supremacy by equating African American with the term “at risk”?

  • Black People

    Race and sex are not mutually exclusive. Plenty of hardcore racist whites, asians, middle-easterners, Indians, and latinos, sleep with black people and make nothing of it. In fact that’s actually their defense, to say that they slept with black people, therefore how can they be racist. Plenty of white racists get off on the whole white sexual supremacy tip. Blackface? What is black face if I banged two black chicks this year?

  • Lynne

    And…I’m done.

  • Vag Owner (@ProudVagOwner)

    i’m just going to conclude europeans to be an overly sexual group. i frequently hear them saying there will be no racism once we’re all mixed race. why must they want to use their penis and vagina to fix issues that can easily be solved alternatively in the present?

    then there is this. he feels instead of working to understand and respect a culture he can just use his penis

    sex, sex, sex with these ppl. look at the tv. they are all over it selling sex.