This Saturday, March 15, White supremacists plan to take to the streets of New York City and a slew of others around the globe, to air out their grievances about the unfair attacks on White men.

Organized by Kyle Hunt, the White Man March promises “coordinated pro-white activity around the world” that will “make a statement that White people are united in their love for their race and in their opposition to its destruction.”

Instead of one large coordinated march, however, White nationalists will engage in “flash mobs” in New York and other major cities because Hunt is afraid police, or other activists, may try to shut the whole thing down.

Hunt, a former recruiter for Google, is the host of Renegade Broadcasting, an online radio show for the pro-White set. His goal is to dismantle our nation’s “diversity agenda” which he sees as a threat to White people, because, well, America ain’t so White anymore.

Peep this jewel from the White Man March website:

“White Americans are being attacked at almost every level. In 1965, Whites were almost 90% of America’s population, but in 2010 Whites were only 64%, according to census data. We are also being replaced in the work force and educational system by foreigners and non-white Americans in the name of “Diversity” and “Affirmative Action”. Our earning power has been drastically decreased now that businesses and universities are required to discriminate against us based solely on the color of our skin. Because we are now more destitute and because our countries are being flooded with immigrants, many Whites are now forced to live in unsafe (i.e., non-white) environments, where they are being persecuted by non-whites who have been propagandized by the media to hate their very existence. All the while, we watch as the most vile and hateful statements are made against our people by the talking heads on the television, and most White people either sadly agree with the anti-White rhetoric or are too afraid to say or do anything about it. This all amounts to displacement, demoralization, depression, and much lower birth-rates (i.e., genocide).”

Despite their best efforts, the White Man March, is having a hard time figuring out how to kick off their flash-mobs without getting shut down by those who aren’t so sympathetic to their cause.

Anna Merlan breaks it down in the Village Voice:

Things still seem a tad disorganized on that front. According to posts on white power message board and lonely dude convention Stormfront, a white nationalist group called Free America Rally is organizing a gathering here, as well as protests in New England, Georgia, California, Washington state and Idaho. Here in New York, Free America Rally seem to always hold their protests outside the Plaza Hotel at 59th Street and 5th Avenue. In the past, they’ve done things like stage a rally to advertise that white people live in South Africa, a venture they refer to as the “South Africa Project.” (That one was not a success, as they admit on their blog: “FAR’s New York Team advertized their banner before sizable crowds, reaching thousands of people with a message that the various mega-media outlets were too scared, too politically correct, or too corrupt to present to the American people.”)

Other white power party people are also planning to take part in New York rallies, including a guy who goes by the name “NY Nationalist” on Stormfront and who says he’s been holding a series of white power activities in February and March, none of which we’ve noticed. We must not be looking in the right places.

Whether or not the participants of the White Man March can get their act together and hit the streets en masse remains to be seen. But their goal to halt the “tanning” of America? Not gonna happen.

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