In an interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine, gospel artist Tye Tribbett discussed one of the most polarizing issues facing the church today: homosexuality.

Though his views fall in line with most clergy members, Tribbett argues the Black church needs temper its message on homosexuality by reaching out to the LGBTQ community.

“I just think their approach is militant, and I think a lot of times when your sin is not somebody else’s sin, it’s so much easier to condemn,” Tribbett told Sister 2 Sister’s Jamie Foster Brown in reference to how pastors deal with gay congregants. “It makes you feel better about your dysfunctions when another person’s dysfunctions are seemingly worse.”

Though Tribbett’s opinion appear to open the door for a more inclusive church, his stance on whether homosexuality is what God’s thinks is “best for us” falls in line with traditional dogma.

Check out an excerpt from Tribbett’s interview:

Jamie Foster Brown: I think we keep ourselves so contained within this box, and especially religion does. Plus, with homosexuality, quite frankly, I just think it’s a natural thing for them, because I don’t think anybody, especially in the past, would want to come here and be condemned. Nobody wants that. People want to be naturally accepted. Do you understand what I’m saying?

Tye Tribbett: Yeah, I definitely understand. Well, I want to respond to that: There are lots of things that are natural to us that may not be God’s best for us. That’s my only thing. I’m not saying that homosexuality is not natural. I agree with you that it is. There are several things that come naturally that’s not God’s best. Children 2 years old, “Did you eat that cookie?” “No.” Lying came naturally to them.

JFB: Right.

TT: Nobody taught that kid how to lie. It came in the flesh package, but that’s not God’s best. There are certain things that can trigger the not-so-great natural in all of us. But is it God’s will or God’s best for us, period? And I don’t condemn homosexuality, but I don’t believe it’s God’s best for our lifestyle, according to the Bible.

Read Tribbett’s entire interview in the April issue of Sister 2 Sister. What do you think of his comments?

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  • Bee

    Tye’s logic is not wrong from a Christian standpoint. If you’re not a Christian, then I can see why this is hard to accept. He is not condemning homosexuality. He calls it natural because, he being a former sinner, knows his own struggles from what God requires of him. The issue is Christianity and what is true; you either accept it as truth, or reject. Christianity has been around a long time the church does not need to change, for what? No one can force anyone to believe what they believe. Tye, is not condemning any group but those inside the church, he is letting you know the natural is in all of us it just how we choose to define it and deal with it. He is speaking to church folks; in other words layoff homosexuals as being the only sin that God looks at.

  • Casme

    Look at his face. I’d rather go gay then hit that. Also what is this sinner crap? Christians are such hypocrites. A religion introduced to you by the whip of your master and you defend even when it doesn’t make sense. Ridiculous.

  • Casme

    Bee: you are WRONG. Who decides what is natural? What is not natural are straight people molesting their kids, dumping them in garbage cans and not providing for them. What would you rather? A gay couple who is involved in a child’s life and loving or an abusive straight couple to parent your kid? It is about the person not who they love. The church does not need to change? It needed to change many times when it preached that women and blacks were inferior. It needed to change when it told Native Americans that they had to discard their religion for the white man’s Christianity. Oh, yes, Christianity has a lot of changing to do.