On the heels of his recent release, Kid Cudi Presents Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother MoonKid Cudi stopped by the Arsenio Hall show on Friday to perform and sit down with the talk show host. Cudi, originally from Ohio, discussed what he would change about the state of hip-hop.

The 30-year-old rapper and occasional actor, said that  “braggadocio, ‘money, cash, hoes’ thing is dead,” and that it is holding hip hop as a culture back. Cudi also went on to say that artists need to embrace responsibility and realize how important their voices are.   During his interview, Cudi passionately spoke about the reason he got into hip hop.   “All I wanted to do was help kids not feel alone, and stop kids from committing suicide,” he said. “I dealt with suicide for the past few years. There wasn’t a week or a day that went by where I was like, ‘I wanna check out.'”  Cudi has always been vocal about this mental health issues and told Hall that “loneliness is a power thing and if you don’t conquer it, it could eat you a live”.

Take a look at his interview segments below:


Clutchettes, do you agree with Kid Cudi’s comments?

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  • ashley

    good head Arsenio!!! he is a great interviewer, he lets the person just talk and be real .

  • Cat

    I love Cudi. One of the reasons I’ve supported and respected his music is because of his openness about anxiety and depression as a black man. Respect.

  • Melissa Bell

    I agree with him 100%. I’m glad he’s doing something positive. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to be growing up as a teenager in todays society. So much pressure.

  • oh wow

    And this is why I support his music every sense a kid named cudi mixtape came out I been a fan. We need more artist like him to speak up and tell the truth. I seen a video called yikeing it and yes its time for the bs to end….Thank You Cudi