Someone named Lil Boosie was released from prison this week.  Apparently he’s a rapper guy, who had a run in with the law and got sent to the pokey for drugs. The internet went crazy celebrating the fact that Boosie, government name Torrence Hatch, was finally free.  Then there were the “Who’s Lil Boosie” questions. I’m just glad I wasn’t the only one asking.

Boosie wrapped up an eight-year-sentence at Angola, so of course those closest to him would be proud he was coming home.  But what was disturbing, was a video posted of his daughter.

and his son

These are two primary examples of what not to post of your kids on social media. So it’s cute that some little girl is hollering the “n” word. And yes, I get that the boy is performing, but how about you not teach your kid to grab his crotch.

Everyday I see horrible images of kids being floated around Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Kids cursing, twerking, and acting a fool on social media is not cute. Sometimes I wonder where are their parents, but then I realize, they’re probably behind the camera laughing along.

Whitney Houston sung about children being the future, but if this is any indication of the future looks like, give me a one way ticket somewhere else.

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  • It’s scary that she didn’t seem to be imitating someone, it just came too naturally to her. The future isn’t doomed, however, it just means that some kids won’t have a seat at the table without an intervention. This kid’s head is cluttered with negativity which is just sad.

  • Meena

    Poor baby doesn’t know any better…she was probably taught that acting that way is funny or cute. Parents need to be shot for that.

  • oh wow

    @Deana you are right here eyes do look dead nothing behind time no childhood sparkle to them at all. Its seems like as a community we are traveling backwards. I seen everyone stats about him being home that is great for his family. But what does it mean for the rest of us. Just more crappy music

  • As a parent, I truly struggle and triple check every image and video I post of my daughter on social media. The two examples above expose so many more issues than simply posting your children online. I am not my daughter’s friend, I am her mother. She will know that there are things adults do that she is absolutely not permitted to do. There is no saying the N word, there is no cursing, manners are always required, and adult conversation is adult conversation. A child should be a child for as long as they can because adulthood is long. These children seem to be adults already and I feel sad for them. But, I understand them missing their father and being happy to have him home.