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A Michigan woman will spend the next three months behind bars after a judge sentenced her to 93 days in the Genesee County Jail for her racially charged phone calls to an interracial couple.

According to reports, Colleen Kahl made threatening calls to a woman and her husband after they purchased a home in Grand Blanc Township. The victim, who is Black and married to a White man, said Kahl’s phone calls were akin to being harassed by the KKK.

The victim did not want her name mentioned in news reports for fear of retaliation, but she told the court: “[Kahl’s] call, at midnight, from a blocked number, was her version of a white sheet to hide her true identity.”

“She said she was the welcoming committee for Grand Blanc,” the woman recalled. “This woman went on a racist rant calling me horrible names and threatening my life.”

While Kahl admits to making the call, she contends she never threatened the victims. However, Genesee County District Court Judge Christopher Odette dismissed her claims.

During the sentencing hearing, Judge Odette read a portion of Kahl’s calls, which were recorded by the victims, and chided the woman for her behavior.

“They have felonies for this. It’s called ethic intimidation,” Judge Odette told Kahl. “Why you weren’t charged with it I don’t know. You should have been. That’s my opinion.”

Judge Odette sentenced Kahl to 93 full days with the added stipulation that she will not be eligible for work release, trustee status or any other benefit that would shorten her time in jail.

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  • Kelly

    But it is black women who have problems with seeing their men married interracially…smh

  • Secret

    When I was a cashier about three years ago. I saw a black woman dark skin, full lips, slim yet curvy body (yes I knew a size 2 black woman who was still curvy…its genes not weight). Anyway she was holding his hand and may I add he was very good looking! Very …very. I was ringing them up and as always try to have small talk with the customers.
    They were in their 20’s. Well behind them was a white woman in her 20’s, looking all single and mean. She was slim, swimmer type body, and from behind she looked the black girl up and down as if sizing her up like how can you get someone like him. She looked like she wanted to fight just about real angry. Even after they left she watched them out the door! I was ringing her items next pretending not to know why she looked so upset.

    When tables are turned around people want to still act like black women are the bitter ones, angry, ect. A black woman shared her story how a Indian woman went up to her face saying he got with her (a black woman) because he couldn’t handle a strong Indian woman lol.

    I made some new friends and went to parties with them….well I no longer got invited after six white men were checking me out. One re invited me, but I left it alone.

    Black women don’t kill black men and their white women. Black men have been in the news about killing her or him or beating him up almost to death.

    On youtube black men say were jealous of their IR relationships as white women speak up with glee and agree with everything thats negative about black women.

    Times are changing and black women are finding love with non black men who love their skin tone not just the light skinned nearly almost white, but all of us from light to dark.

    A Korean guy told me I need to date out and how beautiful I am. He doesn’t know I pretty much pro on that.

    This needs to be put out more. That silly cheerio ad made so many black men happy. Mean while black women are threatened if they even consider dating out.

    I hope her being in jail teaches her to mind her own business. At her size maybe upset her own race not looking at her as much.

  • suraja

    You know this has everything to do with insecurity. Some ww, asians, hispanics etc see black women as their competitors and like a big treat.
    A lot of these women like black men because some of these men give them that feeling of
    superiority. Because of their features light
    skin, hair etc.
    For years the image that was given to the
    world was ww are the most beautiful on the
    planet. And so it was teached to many
    races. Now the times are changing
    because there are beautiful women in every
    race. People are more aware of that and
    you see beautiful interacial couples more
    and more. Also the image of bw is changing more and more. Where in the past bw where more portraited as eye candy, hip hop honeys, angry bw now you see more and more educated bw. Doing their thing, getting their degrees, even on television things are slowly changing.
    Finally some people are seeing that all of these stereotypes are false, and that we bw are normal women too. Who are just fazing the challenges of life like everybody else.
    People who have problems with
    this are going to face challenges in the
    future, because these ir couples are
    increasing. Love is beautiful thing.

    I think that this change is upsetting some ww.

  • IT’S 2014! The foolishness needs to end..

  • Sassygirl

    Evil woman. Some of them, never cease to amaze me.