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Nick Cannon is going all out when it comes to promoting his new album, White People Party Music. But his recent Instagram post of him as his white alter-ego “Connor Smallnut” has a few fans calling foul.

On his photo he wrote:

It’s official… I’m White!!! #WHITEPEOPLEPARTYMUSIC #Wppm in stores April 1st!!!!!!Dude Go Get It!!!Join The Party!!!! #GoodCredit #DogKissing #BeerPong #FarmersMarkets  #FistPumping  #CreamCheeseEating #RacialDraft ” Bro I got drafted!!

Needless to say, some people weren’t too amused with his antics:

But when people paint themselves black it’s racist…

Hayden pantera (spelled wrong) painted her face black for halloween and had to issue a public apology ..but this is ok?

The hashtags are so fucking racist. Wow. Unfollow.#peaceoutnickcannon#youreprettymuchalreadywhitewithoutpaintingyourskinbro#yourwifeisold

Ignorant @nickcannon

I love nick but let a white person (Julianne hough) dress like a black woman and she is ripped a new one. #truth #justsaying #mockeryismockery#doasisaynotasidomentality


If publicity is what Cannon was going after, he definitely is getting his fair share.


Clutchettes, would you consider Cannon’s “whiteface” racist?

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  • Max Johnson

    HILARIOUS hashtags! The cream cheese and farmers market had me dying!

    Offensive?? Not at all! He’s poking harmless fun at some common stereotypes of white people. You are only offended if you’re white trailer trash that’s been brainwashed by Faux News to think your country is being taken away from you by minorities and that reverse racism is more rampant than racism toward black people (no offense to all the other white trailer trash).

    Still not ok to do black face. If you don’t understand, read up on minstrel shows. If you still don’t understand, watch Bamboozled. If you still don’t understand, smack yourself and be ashamed of the pathetic human being you are.


    -white guy who went to a black school

  • geenababe

    I think it was corny but I get with Noriluves is saying. I have seen black people on the internet go up and above when white people are offended to check black people and say why things are hypocritical. However, white people don’t do the same thing. I have said it many times before you go on a comment section someone black say something prejudice twenty black people will check him/her. You got a white person on a mainstream blog that says something racist. You got many one or two that will check him/her and sometimes they will change they mind when the heat gets to hot. I am not going to be highly upset at Nick’s corny idea.

    • Noirluv45

      Thank you, Geenababe, for getting it! :-)

      Amen to all you said!

  • Primmest Plum

    I’m not offended but I can see how other (white) people would be superficially hurt and offended.

    I superficially because I would easily bet that most of the people who are offended by this are not so upset that it will cause them to lose sleep, bottle up emotions just for the sake of not seeming “militant: or one of “those white people” who always play the famed race card.

    These stereotypes are not going to hurt their chances of landed a job or change how they’re seen by their non-white peers. This type of humor is kind of cheap in my opinion.

    • Anthony

      Great post!

  • Doug

    No1curr. White college kids every year dress up in blackface and have hos and pimps parties and when black folks complain, white folks say “Oh it was just in fun.”

    Oh, well this is just in fun.

  • Dawn

    How not-funny.