There’s the saying “a sucker is born every day” and apparently online dating is a hotbed for those looking to sucker the naive out of money. Michael Picciano, 65, says in a Manhattan Supreme Court suit that he gave over $70,000 to man he met on OkCupid.com.


All I’ve ever gotten from OkCupid were mediocre drinks and even crappier pick up lines. But I digress.

Picciano in his lawsuit that he met Bruce Thompson in February 2013, he “felt safe and trusted the profile” of the man because of the dating site’s reputation. After 10 days of chatting, their communication moved to emails, then phone calls a month late.  More than a month into their communication Thompson asked for money for a new computer parts business.

“Believing his story because he now trusted Thompson based on their multiple daily conversations,” Picciano went to his bank and made two wire transfers worth a total of $12,000 to a Charles Willard in Dallas, Texas, according to court papers.

So, you’re talking to Bruce, but you’re making wire transfers to Charles? And the Darwin Award goes to….

From The NY Daily News:

When those funds were returned to Capital One, Thompson asked Picciano to send the money instead to the account of Dennis E. Racer in Addison, Texas, according to the court papers.

Picciano sent a third wire transfer of $12,000 to Edmond Thebeau in Ontario, Canada and a fourth wire in mid April to MacBenson and Associates in Manchester, England.

The wire transfers added up to a whopping $70,460.

Picciano subsequently learned that all the recipients were bogus and the money instead went to Thompson’s accounts, according to his suit. However, all of the wire transfer reports issued to Picciano by Capitol One had the bank’s name and address as the recipient instead of the real recipient.

Late last April, a friend searched the internet and found Thompson’s name on a website called malescammers.com, the suit says.

Picciano says he contacted the NYPD and he gave a detective a $100,000 forged check that Thompson had sent Picciano to gain his trust.

According to court papers, a police crime lab didn’t find fingerprints on the check and learned that the software used to create the check could not be traced. Picciano says he believes Thompson is back on OkCupid, trolling for new victims and using the screen name “bigheartedbt,” according to the court papers.

Talk about blinded by love.  That was some expensive catfishing. OkCupid has not commented on the lawsuit, because they’re too busy laughing about it.

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  • ALM

    My Lord, who has $70k to give away in this economy?

    If he wanted to help someone start a business, he should have joined the cast of “Shark Tank”.

  • Simone L

    Hold up, getting $70k is that easy? Let me sign up. My husband and I have some debt to pay off. A sucker born every minute, indeed.

  • Leo the Yardie Chick

    So…….you’re talking to a man named Bruce, and Bruce asks you to send him money under different names and to different locations, and no alarm bells went off? Not once? Not even a little ding?


    • ALM

      @ Leo: Exactly. Who is going to send money to three or four different accounts? I am wondering if he knew that something was up, but he kept giving the money in order to attempt to make his case against OK Cupid stronger in the end. For example, in the court documentation he could cite that he gave such a large amount over a short period of time.

      I don’t think he is going to win. Ok Cupid didn’t cause this. They were just the method of contact. This would be similar to suing a bar that had a speed dating night after you met a con artist at said bar and began “dating” that con artist.

  • A fool and his money shall soon part. I just don’t know how people give money to people they met online. As soon as someone asks me for money I am ending the conversation. Looking at the show Catfish it amaze me how much those people spent on their online love interest even when they didn’t have a place to stay. I have never been lucky enough to meet a fool like that.

  • African Woman

    Wow!!!!! Crazy nut.