Earlier this week, the Obama administration  confirmed  a series of cuts in aid to Uganda in response to the countries Anti-LGBT laws that were recently passed.  The cuts came after Vice President Joe Biden’s speech at the Human Rights Campaign in Los Angeles promoting LGBT rights domestically and abroad. Biden said that rights abroad were going to be a focus of American foreign policy.

“Find me a country in the world that singles out a set of citizens, and I’ll guarantee you that country is where justice does not live,” Biden said Saturday.

“In every aspect of American foreign policy, we should have as the focus in our foreign policy that we lead not merely by the example of our power, but by the power of our example. That’s what makes us different. That’s what makes us strong.”

According to a White House blog post by Grant Harris, special assistant to the president and senior director for African affairs on the National Security Council, and Stephen Pomper, senior director for multilateral affairs and human rights on the National Security Council, the following actions have been taken:

  • We are shifting funding away from partners whose actions don’t reflect our values, including the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU). The IRCU’s public stance on homosexuality could foster an atmosphere of discrimination that runs counter to efforts to provide an effective and non-discriminatory response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. While the IRCU will receive $2.3 million to ensure uninterrupted delivery of treatment to the 50,000 people under its care, we will shift the remaining $6.4 million of IRCU’s funding to other partners.
  • An effective HIV strategy must reach and treat key at-risk populations. However, the act’s provisions against “promotion” and abetting homosexuality leave questions about what researchers, health workers, and others may do under the law. As a result, we are suspending the start of a survey to estimate the size of key at-risk populations that was to be conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Uganda’s Makarere University. Proceeding with the survey could pose a danger to respondents and staff.
  • The act potentially threatens the safety of LGBT tourists in Uganda and the liberty of those who show support for Uganda’s LGBT community. Therefore, approximately $3 million in funding designated for tourism and biodiversity promotion will be redirected to NGOs working on biodiversity protection.
  • We will shift the Department of Defense-sponsored Africa Air Chiefs Symposium and East Africa Military Intelligence Non-Commissioned Officer course to locations outside of Uganda. Certain near-term invitational travel for Ugandan military and police has been suspended or canceled.

In Uganda, violators of the law face a 14-year prison sentence for a second conviction, and up to life in prison for repeat offenses.

Clutchettes, do you think the actions against Uganda are appropriate? 

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  • Ivory

    Hey black people this is what power looks like. The LGBT community has power. Don’t get mad. Where is your power?

  • InTyme

    These countries need to get their priorities straight. When most of your population is in extreme poverty and are dying of diseases, oppressing homosexuals is the last thing they should be worried about. The reason USA is in Uganda’s business is because we give them AID. Uganda should be able to do what they want,but don’t expect any AID money from the US.

    • mim

      That attitude won’t help sexual minorities in Uganda. Aid goes ->people become more broke -> continued scapegoating of gay people. Poverty effects social situations. Focus on the context.

    • Tantalus XVI

      Well would you be remissed if the citizens of Uganda told you homosexuality is where disease comes from? For as much conspiracy theory the average black american entertains in regards to his economic and social status in this country SURELY you wouldn’t deny them the conspiracy of self inflicted genocide as a result of homosexual infiltration? Sorry to burst your bubble but “the west” is virtually the only place on Earth that will accept this nonsense as some sort of normality. Or even worse, “yea we recognize its abnormality (as well as their propensity to engage in unsafe sex) buuuut…. we don’t want to offend them.” Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, Southeast Asia the Middle East, and most of Eastern Europe do not promote homeosexuality as normal and good the way the west does.

  • eve-audrey

    @in tyme
    That aid you’re talking about is not free. Has never been. African nations pay a lot in natural resources for that aid western countries brag about. there are eventually african intellectuals who see and denounce it. They are pushing for economical COOPERATION between african countries and other countries instead of aid that has not helped much with development.

    That however will take a long time because first and foremost african countries should get rid of the many corrupted politicians who only see their own profit and happily give away for almost free resources that could be used to develop their countries.

    And let’s not be naive in spite of the official speech i don’t think some western nations would be too happy about an independent africa that actually sells its resources instead of giving them away like do saudi arabia and other countries whose development is dependent of natural resources. The challenge is big.

  • Smiley E.E.

    Wake Up!!!..PEOPLE
    American Values & Using It As A Weapon
    The World Is Made Out Of Other Cultures & Laws Good Or Bad
    See__ Iraq,Ukraine,Russia,Iran,Afghanistan,Pakistan,North Korea
    Mexico,China,Uganda,Egypt,Libya,The Sudan,Saudi arabia