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Last Thursday, 35-year-old Shanesha Taylor was arrested and booked into jail for child abuse after a passerby found her sons, ages two and six years old, in a hot truck while Taylor went on an interview. Taylor’s bond was set at $6,000, and her children are in CPS custody.

Taylor’s arrest triggered an online fundraiser organized by Amanda Bishop to help Taylor with her legal expenses.

“There are some of us that feel that Shanesha was in an unfortunate situation that sadly an economy like ours is putting many single mother’s in a position to make terrible mistakes like this,” writes Bishop.

As of 10:35 Friday night, the online community has raised over $35,000, well above the $9,000 goal. Naturally that raises questions of what happens with all that money.

“All funds are deposited into an account of the family’s,” Bishop writes. “Part of it has been used for her bail but they have now decided to hold her until the 31st and we are working to find out why.”

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