Just in time for the Oscars, Orly nail polish decided to celebrate the Best Picture nominees by designing manicures after them.  For example, take a look at Best Picture Nominee The Wolf of Wall Street inspired manicure:

15184_637477142954821_1905058533_nGet it?

Wall St. looks like a street sign.

Then there was the Gravity manicure:


The blue nail polish, for space, right?

But look what happens with the 12 Years A Slave manicure:


So, this brown color is where I’m stumped. Is that supposed to be the color of a slave?  They even added the extra touch of shackles and white nail polish. Is the white polish supposed to symbolize white people?

Even people on Orly’s Instagram were confused about the manicure:

survivor_of_the_walking_deadWhatever I will just stop asking =-/

havonnebeehm very strange theme for a manicure.

 aimee_miguel@jobell this is just weird
allisonadelinano…just no. this was the most graphic brutal movie I’ve ever seen.
narwhalynnwhy are you holding brown polish
smartass_rockerReally with the brown polish? Some thing just don’t need nail art tributes.
smartass_rocker*some things*
shavonnebee@orlynails oh yes I definitely agree, but the movie was very brutal and personal and some people could see the manicure as trivializing the situation. Just sharing a different opinion :)
In response to the complaints, Orly stated that the hand model isn’t holding a “brown” polish, but a nude color, which was used to outline “12 years”.
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  • k

    lawwwwdd ham mercy…yall read too much into EVERYTHING!!! yes im one of those people who firmly believes that “being P.C.” has gone too darn far. I mean a broken chain, free from slavery, he regained his freedom, i mean really my 3rd graders would get that reference. Furthermore, if you look at the gravity website they are using the accent color blue as the bottle to hold as well. Brown/Nude was the accent color on the 12 years one. The wolf of wall street even thought more prominent, is using green which is the accent color.

    Also, they made it brown b/c throughout history even till today who has mainly been slaves?? BROWN people and that goes back to the bible. Before anyone goes that route as i know some folks reading are of the I haz no reedin compreshun skllz. I said MAINLY, yes there have been “white” slaves but far far far less than brown people

    I personally see nothing wrong with these manicures!!! any of them and i think it great way to incorporate your brand into the pop culture of the moment and considering their brand is nail polish….

  • Vag Owner (@ProudVagOwner)

    ummm seeing how slaves worked in the fields…i assumed it was dirt. it even looks like kicked up dirt…as if the person is running.

    the rest of the nails look like the posters.

  • Calidee

    I don’t have a problem with it but we shouldn’t act like people who don’t like it are being too sensitive. If she did this for a movie about the Holocaust or some other heavy subject I think some people will have a problem with it.