Pastor Mason Betha (or is it Ma$e again?) is about to lose his robe, title and congregation.

Preacher Ma$e’s El Elyon International Church worshipers are screaming blasphemy as he preaches about the virtues of marriage while secretly filing for divorce two months ago. He reportedly withdrew those documents a few weeks later, though. But still.

Now the parishioners are threatening to hold those tithes. I wonder if that was before or after they heard his lyrics on “Tricky Situation” where he raps about sexing engaged women.

He might want to go ahead and step down from the pulpit.

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  • Overseas_Honeybee

    Mase is playing a dangerous game. God is not mocked and that brotha knows better. Hopefully he can repent and get it together. If the church leaders can’t get through to him, may be best to cut ties completely and move on. Keep him lifted up in prayer but don’t allow him to destroy the ministry or the people.

    If you are a Christian, tithing is not optional and withholding God’s money is a sin in itself. If things are that bad and the pastor ain’t walking in the word or refusing to listen to counsel, it’s best to find another ministry to serve in etc.

    Your service to God or attendance at church should not be dictated or derailed by foolishness or a confused pastor. God’s word and principles are clear. Do it or don’t it… Mase has the knowledge and he also has a choice to operate in it.