Feminism is not a means to justify self-entitlement

It looks like the latest social media craze is writing up “profound” statements then being photographed alongside them in some sort of fit to educate the public.

At least that’s what I think the point of the photo series “Feminist is not a meant to justify self-entitlement” was supposed to do, but it misses the mark.

The photos include captions that explain (femsplain?) that just because a man opens a door or carries a woman’s bags it doesn’t mean they’re not giving into patriarchy or attacking feminism; they’re just being nice.

Well, duh. What’s next?

Although the photos were probably meant to be well meaning and helpful (although, I’m not sure to who), they come off as slightly condescending and totally unnecessary. Moreover, telling someone how they should feel is the personification of “self-entitlement,” no?

As I clicked through the images I was expecting one of the quotes to read something along the lines of, “When I tell you to smile, it’s because I want you to be happy, not because I want to control your life.”

If only things were so simple.

Take a look:

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