Screen-shot-2013-11-25-at-9.30.45-AMIn the midst of heavy promo for her single, “Flatline,” Porsha Stewart had the opportunity to address some not-so-nice comments made by Wendy Williams.

In case you missed them, Wendy has referred to Porsha as not being very sharp, pretty much stupid. And I’m sure some name-calling took place after the Underground Railroad episode on RHOA. Yes, most of us shook our heads or said something ugly, but at least we didn’t do it on a public platform.

Tsk, tsk, Wendy.

During her V-103 interview in Atlanta earlier this week, Porsha had this to say:

“As a TV host, Oprah, for instance, she influences not only her audience, but the world. And to get to that level, you have to be intelligent and know how to deal with that power and use it positively.”

Perhaps Porsha has a valid point. Although every single word exiting Wendy’s mouth isn’t mean (I know because I watch her show), perhaps she could use some pointers on how to be a tad bit more positive. Promote a little sisterhood.

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  • The Other Jess

    Wendy Williams looks like a tranny and really has no right to talk bad about anyone. Any yes, Wendy is stupid too, so it’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

  • African Woman

    Wendy Williams job is a SHOCK JOCK!!! That is her job to call people out!! Calm down people! Oprah is probably calling her “Less than Smart” behind her back tho. See… Wendy does it to your face while Oprah says it behind your back. Girl, bye.

    • Jessica

      Oprah has called out plenty of people who she felt that we’re wrong. Did you ever watch her talk show she had no problem putting people in her place. So I don’t know where you got this attitude about Oprah that she is some scared little girl. The difference between Oprah and Wendy is that Oprah when tell you the real to your face but still try to help you. Oprah has done so much for black people it shocks me that people fail to understand this. She is constantly sending black men to college paying for it fully and she has built school In Africa where getting an education is basically none existent especially for girls. Oprah does so much for blacks and gets so much crap from her own meanwhile all Wendy has done is really talk shit and we reward her. Wendy was a straight bully she has come down over the years but her and Perez Hilton are just alike they got famous for bullying plain and simple

    • Jessica

      Remember how bad she talked about Whitney and Michael than as soon as they died she finally decided to show them show respect. This is why kids think it is ok to bully other people they see people like Wendy and Perez realize they became successful from gossip and bullying. Now they understand you can actually make a profit of off it.

      Look up how many organizations Oprah is apart of and how much she does for people and look at what Wendy does in comparison.

  • Porsha just now figuring this out. Wendy has always been a negative person. That’s why I couldn’t believe people had the nerve to feel sorry for her when she had that whole episode about her son not loving her. You get back with you put out. If you want to be a shock jock don’t expect anyone to feel sympathy for you when things go wrong in your life.