A re-trial began Wednesday for Darrious Mathis, a Cobb County, Georgia man who was accused of kidnapping and carjacking a woman at a CVS before raping her.  Mathis’ defense team said  their client’s good looks partly explain why it was a consensual encounter.

Last year, a mistrial was declared after four days of deliberation after one member of the first jury refused to join 11 other jurors who believed that Mathis was guilty.

On Wednesday, the victim shared her story with a jury for the second time, reliving the night 2 1/2 years ago when her quick-post midnight stop at a CVS turned into a kidnapping ordeal.

“He had told me to get in the car and I actually begged him to take my car. I had pushed my wallet that was in my hand and my keys toward him and I was like ‘Please take my car. You can take my cards and everything,” she said.

The 24-year-old said she was abducted at gunpoint from an Austell CVS, driven into Atlanta, where he sexually assaulted her.

The victim said she tried to keep Mathis calm along the way.

“In my mind I figured that was the best way, instead of panicking and trying to get hurt,” the woman said.

According to Mathis, he was in the store’s parking lot only to sell pain pills and the victim was a buyer who agreed to go along for the ride.  Mathis’ attorneys also said he never held a gun.

“He walked up to her with a bottle of Vicodin and said, ‘Wanna buy some pills? She said, “Sure,” get in. We’ll go to the ATM,” said defense attorney Carter Clayton.

Mathis is expected to take the stand later this week.

He’s facing kidnapping, carjacking, assault and weapons charges.

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