So this weekend, Saturday Night Live did a “Black Jeopardy” skit with Kenan Thompson as Alex Treblack, Jay Pharoah and Sasheer Zamata as two African-American contestants, and comedian Louis C.K. as a professor of African-American studies at Brigham Young University.

The categories included “White People Are Always Lying About This” and “Rap Songs That Start With ‘N.’”

Take a look:

Do you think the skit was funny?

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  • Marie

    They haven’t funny in at least a decade, and maybe even more. This skit played to stereotypes because their writers lack imagination and creativity. So when all else fails, employ coonery and buffoonery – that always play well with white folks.

    • Benjamin Turner

      As a “white folk”, I thought this was a pretty lousy sketch and didn’t get the point at all, but thanks for throwing some extra racism on top of the sketch anyway.