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Saturday Night Live’s newest cast member, Sasheer Zamata, finally got a featured skit in a spoof of ABC’s hit series Scandal. Dressed in a white suit that may not have rivaled Olivia Pope’s, Zamata definitely proved she has the comedy chops to rival the rest of the SNL cast.

In the Scandal, sketch, Zamata’s Pope character had to deal with a clueless team member played by Lena Dunham. When it came to Dunham’s persistent questioning about their top-secret assignment, Zamata kept it Pope-like and stuck to her objectives, until President Fitz (Taram Killam) walked into the room.

The Pope and President Fitz encounter included innuendo of course and Dunham’s character could not believe that there was a relationship going on between the two of them. “Ok, that was the president of the United States how are you not texting 1,000 people right now?” is what Dunham asked.

“He’s a problem,” Zamata explained.  “I don’t need problems. I fix problems.”

Check out the skit below:

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  • Phillygurl

    They had Fitz and Olivia down to a t. It was the only funny part of the skit to me.

  • BeanBean

    Teran Killam is very funny, he makes a good fitz. The could’ve just done a whole Oliva Pope lip quivering scene. Lena should’ve played Mellie.

  • Pseudonym

    Hannah from “Girls” goes to work with the Gladiators on “Scandal.” hiLARIOUS!

  • Tashi

    Sorry but Zamata is kind of an awful comedienne. Just callig it as I see it

  • i mean

    That was, painful….