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In what sounds like a potential breakthrough in HIV infection among women, a new gel that is currently in the early stages of testing on monkeys, could possibly protect women.  Scientists have shown that monkeys can be protected against infection with a vaginal gel even when it’s used 3 hours after sex.

According to the New York Times, the gel is made with the antiretroviral drug raltegravir. Raltegravir is  already approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treatment of H.I.V. Three hours before it was inserted, the monkeys were given vaginal washes of simian H.I.V. to simulate sex with an infected monkey. In a separate part of the trial, only one of three monkeys given a similar gel 30 minutes before exposure to the virus became infected.

Scientists were quick to point out that just because the drug was successful during the monkey trials, that it doesn’t mean that the same success will happen if it moves to human trials. But they’re hopeful if the drug is a success that it  “could be used for H.I.V. prevention like Plan B or the morning-after pill for contraception”.

The scientists also not that that, “such a gel would be particularly useful in countries where women have little protection against domestic violence or rape, because they could apply it surreptitiously after a partner fell asleep or a clinic could administer it after a rape.”


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  • Me

    hm. i wonder… if people will start acting like they don’t need to let each other know if they got hiv b/c of this thing… if people will rather pump up w/drugs than have safe sex b/c of this thing… if people will quit seeing their doctors on a regular basis b/c of this thing… if people will really be more likely to have sex w/somebody who got hiv b/c of this thing… what the next super virus will be once hiv is no more scary than a cold.

    • AnnT

      You do know that all sex isn’t voluntary and these types of drugs are not handed out to anyone like a Halloween candy, right?

    • Me

      might not be handed out like candy now but neither was nasal spray & a lot of other generic drugs when they 1st hit the market. hell even the hiv testing kit made its way to drug stores last year & i think the plan b drug is getting a new generic version this year too so it can be easier to access to anybody that needs it. plus i never said it didn’t have a use. i was just wondering how people will react to it. like will it make people think they can be more irresponsible b/c they got a new get out of jail card. oh and i’m pretty sure most of the people that use std treatments & contraception aren’t doing it b/c they got raped. most of them do it b/c they just made bad decisions like having consential sex w/o protection.

    • AnnT

      Drugs like this don’t first hit the market. The are propriety and owned by the company that produces them and then they may become generic.
      Plan B is repackaged birth control pills and those have been on the market for decades. (Plan B is also used for sex that isn’t voluntary.) This is just an initial trial on primates.
      We don’t even know the side effects are and it may not be approved. So no one, not the women forced into prostitution, not the little girls raped by grown men who think sex with a virgin cures HIV, not the people in committed relationships/married who were cheated on and contracted it may ever know what this drug would do.
      I don’t know who “most of these people” are, but this is a global epidemic, that could slow the progression of HIV worldwide. This is bigger than any Tyler Perry Movie were cheating turns into AIDS.

    • Me

      um. idk what that was all about. i was just thinking out loud about how people might change their behavior once this gel goes mainstream & what the next disease would be that gets this kinda attention after hiv is no longer a threat since it seem like they making a lotta headway towards a cure or vaccine really soon. i don’t really get the tp movie reference you made either.