Obviously the Student Government Association (SGA) is on some “white is right” when it comes to integrating their Greek system.  Last week, the SGA voted down a resolution that supported the full integration of the school’s Greek system.

According to The Crimson Whitethe resolution was voted on last week because it would have died if passed onto the 2014-15 SGA senate.  Chisholm Allenlundy, one of the sponsors of the resolution, says it may have failed to pass because some Greek senators thought it was too critical of the Greek system.

If you recall, last September four traditionally white sororities blocked two black women from pledging. Members of  Alpha Gamma DeltaTri DeltaChi Omega and Pi Beta Phi didn’t want to tarnish their “history” by offering bids to the black women in question. Unlike the white Greek system, the National Pan-Hellenic system at the university has already been integrated. According to a 2011 article in The Crimson White, Zeta Phi Beta pledged white member Eve Dempsey in the spring of 2007, after integrating in the 1980s.

“Obviously, I would have liked to have seen it pass,” Allenlundy said. “I think it was important, more than anything, because of how quiet the Student Government Association has been on this whole issue throughout the year.”

So do you fight to be where you’re obviously not wanted, or stick with your own at the university? The SGA will rewrite and resubmit the resolution next year. 

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  • Natalie B.

    Their decision was their decision, but every name of every voting member should be made public. These people could very well become policy makers in the real world one day, and I want to know who these bigots are. Sure the Black woman who wanted to join this organization could have joined a Black sorority, but maybe they didn’t want her. Whatever the reason, a PUBLIC university body should not have been allowed to set this precedent. God only knows what the little bigots will try to legislate at that school next.

  • Okay

    I’m glad this did not pass. So that when the subject of historically black organizations come up whites cant wail about reverse racism. They love to bring up BET and HBCUs in order to prove how blacks are racists all the while STILL refusing us entrance to organizations due to racism! I cant wait to shove this in the face of the next asshole white person who brings up how BET and HBCUs are so unfair and how they’d be called racist if they had a White Entertainment Television network!

  • O’Phylia

    They do realize that this decision is going to bring criticism to greek life as well, right? Hoping no one notices bad decisions and horrid traditions is a lack-luster method of shielding oneself against critique.