beyonce mink eyelashes

Mink eyelashes: $21k a year

Gifts for Blue Ivy: $2+ million

Cars: $4+ million worth of luxury automobiles

Jewelry: $17+ million worth of baubles

Real-estate: $20+ million worth of  “40 acres and mule”, which includes private islands, a NYC penthouse and a Florida estate. What you’ve just read are just a few things that were covered in the Beyonce and Jay Z episode of VH1’s “The Fabulous Life of“.

Now one can look at this show a number of ways.  Here are some filthy ass rich people, who’ve accomplished a lot in the music industry, so why not put their hard earned money and extravagances on display.  Or it could be a motivational piece that says that it doesn’t matter if you have overbearing parents or come from Marcy Projects, a Phantom Rolls is still attainable.

But for some, it’s yet another constant reminder, in the words of Cody ChesnuTT, “b*tch, I’m broke”. As one who doesn’t dictate what people spend their money on, the VH1 series definitely proves that celebrities, not only Jay & Bey, live extravagant lifestyles and aren’t afraid to flaunt it.

It also means that I’ll no longer feel bad about having my friend add  Beyonce’s newest album to my DropBox , because I’ll be damned if I’m paying for Blue Ivy’s next private zoo trip.

Excuse me while I go and reevaluate my life choices. 

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  • African Woman

    Good for them. Oh and excuse me while I continue to live my life and not worry about some celebs that don’t pay my bills. I’ll be at work if ya need me…..(yawn).

  • SMCD

    Good for them. But I don’t understand why the masses need to be entertained with stories of excess and shiny toys, particularly in this economic climate. What would be the point?
    I wouldn’t prance around in my new shoes and clothes down at the homeless shelter where people have far less than I do.
    Be thankful for and enjoy your blessings, yes. But be mindful.

  • geenababe

    Yes, I did watch this and I admit I was getting a little jealous. I can only hope to obtain half their wealth.

  • Not Rich

    Meanwhile, I tried to figure out how I’m going to afford my first car in my mid-twenties…

    How come no one mentions how much these entertainers get for FREE?? No one actually said “Jay-Z has a receipt for this helicopter ride…” Record labels cover a number of expenses for their high-earning acts. And a lot of these companies just give celebs free stuff just to say “Hey, Beyonce shopped here.”

    Its dope that they have all this money they can throw away, bc no telling how much they’ve saved…if they saved…Uhhh how much is their accountant making??

  • Anthony

    All I can say is that the shit ever hits the fan, all of those expensive baubles will get next to nothing in a bankruptcy auction. I’m not hating, but I have seen stars that have it all go broke. I hope they are saving.