Sometimes when I read crazy headlines, I cross my fingers and pray “please don’t be black, please don’t be black”.  And when the person involved is black, I’m sad.  Such was the case with the gully lunch lady in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Brooke Wilson-Johnson is a  former Campus Elementary lunchroom aide who pleaded guilty to paying $1 to have a fourth-grader beaten up by classmates was sentenced to seven days in jail, fined and put on probation.

Cafeteria Fight Club was started after  a 9-year-old child called  Wilson-Johnson a “pregnant b—-“. The 19-year-old then enlisted the help of a fourth-grader, which she  now refers to as a “poor response” and “impulsive”, to settle the score.  The victim did not suffer any injuries after having the $1 bounty placed on him, but according to school documents  he was pushed, bumped, thrown out of a seat, and had his food taken.

“I believe this will teach her a lesson,” said Stacy McLain, the victim’s mother. “I would have been happier if she was also required to take parenting and anger management classes because people need more than punishment.”

Also, I’m going to need McLain to teach her child not to call women “pregnant b——“.


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