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Natural hair extensions are all the rage right now. The trend allows you to rock a natural texture while still protecting your own hair in a weave.

Genius, really.

Most notably, Solange, Brandy and Beyoncé have recently worn the look, but we also recall Kelly Rowland, Kandi Burruss and more sporting it too. While the most well-known natural hair-line is Heat Free Hair, there are more brands popping up all over the Internet. Whether you’d like it kinky (like Brandy), curly or coily, you can click-through our gallery for some inspiration and some additional natural hair extension brands to check out!

p.s. all brands listed are owned by Black women!

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  • yoda

    all the lines are nice but if anything i’d end up buying finger comber’s stuff rather than something like heat free hair. unless someone wants to give me some heat free hair money. lol.

    • Durangutan

      I agree. This is all very nice and beautiful but wayyy to expensive for my budget. Plus Fingercomber is constantly getting negative reviews online (taking over a month for processing, sparse wigs without enough scalp coverage, bad customer service, etc.) so I am very wary of ordering from them.

    • yoda

      oh well if fingercomber is bad then i’ll just wait until my own natural hair grows out lol

    • anichole

      Sooooooo I just bought my fingercomber and once you put in the “express” shipping code (found it on a random youtube video) it speeds up the process. I made sure I stayed on them about the shipping since I heard about the shipping issues. It came in 2 weeks. I haven’t worn it yet but it was pretty full when I took it out of the box.

    • Durangutan

      Yeah, its weird. Everyone seems to have such different experiences. I guess they do the wigs by hand so no two are alike. That’s what kind of scares me, lol! I do like the way the look when they are done right.

    • anichole

      True. Once I work it the way I like it I think I’ll be wearing it for the summer.

  • These are awesome! Natural looking extensions have come a long way since Halley’s Natural. As for Fingercomber, I’ve ordered from them numerous times and they are responsive and timely. Don’t go by the very few reviews online because I’m realizing that most times the people who are happy with their purchase like me and my friend don’t get online and leave positive reviews. (I’m not associated with them in anyway at all.)

  • Kyle Vickers

    The thing is always trying to balance the quality you want with the price that you can afford and not getting screwed over in the process. Kurly Clips seems to have some fascinating products, but I would suggest checking out something like Temple Hair Wear that is pretty damn amazing.