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Hair color is the ultimate accessory for your hair and some women are taking the plunge in a major way. For vivid hair colors don’t go for the drugstore spray and messy markers, it’s best to ask a colorist to help you with the process or if you’re doing it at home, get your best girly to help.

And it’s not just a light brown shade or a dash of blonde that’s happening right now, it’s tones like emerald-green, regal purple, deep cooper, royal blue, hot pink and vivid blonde.

If you are looking for some unique color inspiration check out these vivid colors trends.

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  • Chauntelle

    Love it!!!!!! Keep the inspiration coming!!

  • D1Mind

    Never thought I would see the day black women would want to look like bozo the clown or ronald mcdonald, but I guess it is easy to find some wanna be model or entertainer to promote this nonsense to the masses.

    • lil ray


    • Pay this fool no mind. Color isn’t for everyone… it’s for the Daring only.
      D1Mind can’t sit with us… (hair flip, fake model struts away) lol

  • lil ray

    I am all about purple hair.

  • De_Ann

    These women look awesome. Too bad I can’t pull off colored hair. lol