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It is such a good feeling to leave the beauty shop with a banging new ‘do that makes you feel and look good. On the flip side, nothing can induce public tears quicker than the moment you turn around in that salon chair for the big reveal and see a cut, color, or style that you did not want.

Most times when our hair doesn’t come out exactly the way we expected we’re ready to go off on the stylist and threaten never to return but in some cases they’re not the only ones to blame. We’ve probably never gone in for a new style and told the beautician, “just do whatever,” but when we’re not specific enough about the exact look we’re going for, we might as well say that. We don’t want anymore of you to leave the shop with the disappointed ‘do look so here are a few tips to make sure you walk out of the salon with the hairstyle you came in for.

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