The news pouring out of Chicago has been startling. Hundreds of murders have taken place, violence-plagued weekends have occurred, and the city’s politicians have been seemingly unable to do anything to keep citizens safe. While some have called on the military to intervene, other Chicagoans have taken it upon themselves to come up with solutions.

Led by activist Pastor Corey Brooks, Black men and women in Chicago will be hitting the streets every Friday and Saturday this summer for “Brothers on the Block” and “Sisters on the Streets” in an effort to prevent violence.

WGN gives more details about the grassroots initiative:

The volunteers will serve as mentors and role models to young people in the neighborhood.

Brooks say the Chicago Police Department is helping to identify the most at-risk areas,  “Superintendent McCarthy has been very good at giving us information that we need. They provided us the 500 ‘impact zones’ and ‘impact spots’ throughout the city.”

Volunteers will undergo training by professionals who specialize in mentoring, building relationships and gang violence.

Brooks also is organizing another program called Sisters on the Streets to mentor girls in at-risk neighborhoods.

Pastor Brooks is looking to recruit 5,000 volunteers to participate in the project, and recently held a sign-up day, which attracted more than 1,300 men from motor cycle clubs, fraternities, and other parts of the city.

The first “Brothers on the Block” event is slated for Friday, June 6; “Sisters on the Streets” will take place the following day.

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