Earlier this year, YouTube comic, Magic of Rahat, paid it forward by performing a stunt that literally made a grown man cry.  Rahat decided to give a lottery ticket to a homeless man, but beforehand, he gave the store clerk $1,000 to pretend it was a winning ticket and to give the cash to the unsuspecting man.

After the video aired, Rahat created a fundraiser for Eric, and the donations poured in. With the help of his YouTube viewers, Rahat one upped himself, in this next video. Make sure you have the tissues on stand-by.

All of the tears. Every last one of them. It’s amazing to see Rahat and Eric make a bond that will last forever.

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  • Zoe

    Awesome. God is great!

  • Theresa K

    That was BEAUTIFUL!!! I so want to be able to do something like this one day.I’m shocked that Rahat remained friends and in close contact with Eric this whole time. Wonderful to see that there are still some truly kind and genuine people in the world. The fact that he is so grateful makes it even better. I’m happy for him. This has changed Eric’s life–he has already gotten a job. God bless this young man and I hope only the best for them both.

  • KinkyKurl

    This is what I want to do…Help other people. Because it’s no amont of money in this world that can give you this kind of feeling…none! Just to see that man get a chance..an opportunity..let’s me know their are still good people in this world and God is still working things out…all praises go to God!

  • Chachacha Girl

    I saw that yesterday (and the older one w/ the lottery ticket) and I almost cried. They both seem like really great people. I’m happy for Eric.

  • Delia

    Uugggh this had me at the ugly cry. Snot and all!

    I pray Eric’s blessings continue to mound. God bless them all esp Rahat, his friends and donors.