The infamous director, producer, author and radio host Tariq Nasheed says we need to talk about race and racism.

Nasheed, the force behind the Hidden Colors documentary series, is set to release the third installment entitled Hidden Colors 3: The Rules of Racism. His newest project features commentary from scholars and entertainers including Dick Gregory, Nas, and Paul Mooney.

The film tackles our cultural history as well as the notions of inferiority and superiority.

“White people did whatever they wanted to do to black people,” Mooney says. “So, what are the rules?”

The Rules of Racism hits select theaters on June 26.

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  • Ask_Me

    A documentary made by a misogynist…featuring misogynists….SMH…I’ll pass.

    • Brad

      Tariq Nasheed is just as bad as Tommy Sotomayor from what I can tell by the one time I watched part of a youtube clip of his.

      He was speaking on how black men shouldn’t marry any black woman
      raised by a black mother. He was saying that black men only should consider
      marrying black woman either raised by white mothers or a black mother not from the United States.

      Up to that time I had never heard of talk like that. So I agree he can’t come now to try and pass off anything legitimate after his words have proven him to be so illegitimate.

    • Ask_Me

      SMH…he won’t get my money.

    • RuthM

      Sigh. My thoughts exactly. Where is the female point of view? I am so sick of it.

    • Ask_Me

      Waiting on us to produce it. The one and only way black women will ever be able to have a balanced conversation about race/racism and how it impacts us directly is if we produce our own films.

    • Even though it would be nice to have a production from the Black Woman point of view, I am not hard-up on the fact that our voices are not included in this film. Nasheed is a misogynist (no doubt). However, the only thing that most of these guys (Dick Gregory and Paul Mooney included) are good for is for talking and hot air. They have no solutions, are not trying to provide solutions, and probably won’t even donate a percentage of proceeds to fight racial discrimination in the court and prison system against Black Men. Tareed is to sexist Black Men what Rush is to racist White people. He tells them what they want to hear through books and youtube videos only for them to remain in the same piss poor position ten years from now while he lives high off of the hog. So, if they want to be pimped out by this misogynistic fool, I say let them. I rather focus on starting businesses and gaining economic security.

    • noirluv45

      I was wondering the same thing. I guess they feel Black women don’t face racism. Ha! We not only face it, but we endure it from SOME of the very men we share our ethnicity with.

    • handoverfost

      Again there are black women in all 3 films…

    • RuthM

      I like everyone who viewed the trailer observed the Women included in the film. But including Women does not automatically describe the events from a Black female point of view.

      They are speaking about racism in general, and with strong male overtones therein. There were many Black Women strongly represented in the Civil Rights Movement, however, it was again, focused on promoting Black Male equality.

    • handoverfost

      there are females in the film, who told you there wasnt…

    • Kai26

      What kind?

    • keisha morrow

      He should have included in assessment that Black Biracial children born of white mothers and Black fathers often end up being raised in foster care. The majority of Black children in foster care in the U.S. are the kids of white women. This has been the case since WWII ended and the trend of white German, French and British mothers sending their “Brown Babies” to the States to be raised by African-American families.
      This is the BIGGEST IR secret in Black America that we refuse to talk about.

    • Brad

      Never heard that

    • noirluv45

      keisha, that’s very interesting. I can tell you there are a plethora of mixed children (White mothers/Black father) in my hometown in the Pacific NW (the BM/WW region of the world) walking around with mixed babies and no daddies involved. However, I didn’t know it was that way around the country.

    • IO505

      I’ve heard this is the case in the UK and other European countries as well.

    • keisha morrow

      Oh yea..not to turn this discussion into this, but based off Brad’s comments on Nasheed’s half-baked, uninformed commentary–i had to go there, lol.
      White women in particular will have you believe that their relationships with Black men are innocent and born out of a genuine interest (and while certainly this can be the case for some), that doesn’t explain why the bulk of children from such couplings experience living in foster homes (in Europe and the U.S.) before they turn 10, are typically raised without their Black fathers, and endure their parents’ divorce at a much higher incidence rate than their peers who are the children of Black/Black parents.
      In my personal experience (with relatives and other students) Black children who have white mothers experience a lesser amount of stability in their homes than do Black kids living with both Black parents.

    • handoverfost

      He said single black mother, there is a difference.

    • keisha morrow

      His advice is STILL illogical considering the fact that MANY Black girls with biological white mothers are raised in a single parent home by that white mother or not at all by her parents.

    • handoverfost

      LOL..there are women in the film,all three of them, and its not about pimping and hoing. I get your spin on things, its made by a black man, that’s enough reason to bash it…

    • Ask_Me

      It’s made by a black man who has proven himself to be TRASH…and I don’t support garbage.

    • keisha morrow

      That doesn’t mean the women in the film are not racio-misogynists themselves.

  • G

    Why do we as people endorse just anyone without questioning their motives or concepts? This man seems to want me abused by man an in an old folks home, and be happy and thankful for such.

    I’ll pass.

  • noirluv45

    When I read, “Tariq Nasheed,” I thought, “There is no way in h-e-double hockey sticks I’d listen to anything coming from this person. I won’t even call him a man.

    I’ll pass also for the thing RuthM mentioned: “Where is the female point of view?”

  • Shanae

    As a womanist and intellectual, I understand the reservations of those as it pertains to the views of Tariq Nasheed. But that does not matter here. HIDDEN COLORS is important and we need more documentaries like this and we need to encourage this discussion on race, skin color, etc.

    Take the meat and leave the bone – too many women on this site get sidetracked from the real issues here. If you don’t feel that the views of women are expressed in mainstream media or you think we need someone to counter Tariq Nasheed’s views, then why don’t you start a YouTube channel, a blog, write a book, start a movement, or create an indie film? It can be done. Don’t complain, do something about it.

    • Ask_Me

      Would you take the meat and leave the bone if a member of the KKK were making documentaries about black history? I don’t think so.

      Most of us REAL womanists are smart enough NOT to support someone who degrades, belittles and has no respect for us. .

    • Shanae

      Your argument is completely illogical. I do not believe that Tariq Nasheed is a misogynist – I do not find that he hates women. He has uplifted women in MANY segments of his show. If he were, then, since I am so intelligent, I would not support him. Instead of making unfounded claims on my beliefs and practices, you need to be working on your platform that counters Nasheed’s viewpoints, since you claim that there is a need for this. Moreover, even if Nasheed were a misogynist that would not inherently make his views on racism less substantial. On the other hand, when pointing to your argument, the views of a self-proclaimed racist on the history of the people s/he despises would be less founded. Apparently, you are just another woman on this site who sounds ridiculous.

    • Honest

      @disqus_ihsLmCSN4D:disqus is a archetypal bed wench, and has to continually show loyalty to her alledged white husband and the european men she fancies.
      But you have some excellent rebuttals ma’am

    • Ask_Me

      Bedwench….another sexist and racist term put forth by Tariq Nasheed and his cult. It’s amazing how a term that was originally used by white supremacist is now at the forefront of black men’s vocabulary. Just think about that for a moment. An ugly racial slur is now embraced by black men thanks to Tariq Nasheed.

      Terms like this have no impact on me. It’s the black man failed attempt to control black women’s right to freedom of choice. It’s not working…getting over it.

    • Ask_Me

      Tariq Nasheed….you’re not fooling anyone on this site….come out of hiding.

      This man has made videos in which he has DEGRADED black women and black single mothers.

      He had a whole series on how to be a player.

      This is not someone who is a FRIEND to black women or who truly wants to see the black community prosper.

      He has created resentment and hate amongst black men and black women.

      Yet you expect those of us who know his history to FOOLISHLY give our funds to some bullshit documentary produced by this man about racism. LMAO.

      Tariq Nasheed is nothing more than a poverty pimp. He exploits the minds of weak and disillusioned black men. He profits off the cultural degradation in the black community.

      Anyone who supports SEXISM…a form of oppression…cannot possibly speak on racism (another form of oppression) and expect people to take them seriously. It DOES invalidate the things he says because it proves him to be a HYPOCRITE. How are you going to blast whites for being racist…..when you are SEXIST and HATE women?? How are you going to talk about the black history and uplifting the black community when the products you create do nothing more than degrade the community??

      The only thing that is illogical here is this: 1). You cannot possibly be a womanist 2). You cannot possibly be a black woman. 3). IF you are any of the above you need to do some research on this man.

    • Sad

      You’re clearly an intelligent person. Benevolent as well, as you are clearly casting pearls on incognitive swine.

  • We are all on a TRAIN going somewhere, MLK and Dick Gregory paid our fare.